The Skytrain Essay

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The Skytrain screeches to an abrupt stop, causing me to hit my head on the bar beside

me. On the floor I kneel down as if someone had just punched my stomach. My forehead

pulsates with pain. With my hand touching my forehead I yell "Owe, my head!"

Tina wraps her arms around my waist and helps me stand up.

"Are you okay?" giggles Tina , amused by my pain. My eyes become watery.

"Yeah I'm fine thanks." I mumble with a grin and brush the dust off my white hoodie.

" Oh Daniel." She touches my forehead and I flinch.

" Your bump, it's pretty massive." She exaggerates

"Who cares about my bump, it's not that important" I reply.

" Then what is?" She demands in a raised voice as if I just offended her.

"I tell you what is!" I dig my hand in my jean pocket and slowly pull my hand out covered in

yellow guck.
"It's my banana. It's squished into slime!" I cry dramatically just to get my point across to

Tina. She stares intently into my brown eyes.

"Well, the only thing that matters is that your fine." She says with a twinkle in her eye.

" Yeah, your right." I say only half listening to what she said and with all my force I chuck the

guck at the window across from me, spattering all over it. To detect for any witnesses I peak

around my shoulders but see none.

The train vibrates gently and the lights starts to flicker. It starts to move and quickly

picks up speed. A womans echoes through out the domains of the Skytrain saying " The next

station is MetroTown.

"Finally, I want to get off this possessed train. " I say raising my fist, nodding it as if I'm

taunting the train to a fight.

The train decreases its speed and then comes to a halt. The doors split open to the sides

and we walk out onto the platform. I scan for a friend.

I spot my friend Craig leaning on a pay-phone smoking a cigarette. Tina waves at him and

he jogs toward us. I notice a black bow tie located at the crest of his shirt spins in circles

without him laying a hand on it. I ponder how he does that trick.

We greet each other and shake hands. He then hugs Tina. We then...

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