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After reading the book, I decided to write my position paper on the content of Chapter3: The Ethical Gymnast. I can identify with several of the scenarios that Mazzeo describes in this chapter. During the past 14 years at Sears, I have observed several very similar situations in my workplace.Webster defines rationalization in this manner as to devise superficial, or plausible, explanations or excuses for one's acts, beliefs, or desires, usually without being aware that these are not the real motives. This chapter describes several instances of how to rationalize a given situation. The first example describes a situation of dating between a supervisor and their subordinate. There is no way to rationalize this type of behavior. Common sense will dictate all of the adverse actions that could happen in this situation. I think that stupidity is an appropriate word to describe this example.The second example describes a situation in which a sales representative negotiates a "very good" rate on renting a houseboat for a purchasing agent that he routinely deals with. Mazzeo writes that this event constitutes a conflict of interest. I think the "ethical" part of this example would depend on the individual people that were involved. There are some sales people that really would not expect the purchasing agent to repay this "favor". However, you do have to consider events that may happen down the road. An example of this event might be that the purchasing agent must buy a large shipment of lumber. He has narrowed it down to 2 suppliers. One happens to be the sales person who got him the boat rental. If the buyer picks that particular sales person and a third party finds out about the...

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1549 words - 6 pages at identifying human–canine environmental risk factors for non-play bites. Allowing a dog to run free out of the yard, sleeping in the owners bed, and routinely allowing the dog around strangers were all found to habits that promote biting. The study also found that dogs acquired for companionship were more likely to bite than those acquired for protection. Overall, dogs which are not confined in their interactions with humans are at elevated

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1556 words - 6 pages actions that could induce a dog bite. A veterinary clinic-based retrospective study aimed at identifying human–canine environmental risk factors for “non-play' bites. Allowing a dog to run free out of the yard, sleeping in the owner's bed, and routinely allowing the dog around strangers were all found in habits that promote biting. The study also found that dogs acquired for companionship were more likely to bite than those acquired for protection

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873 words - 4 pages to make sure that your dogs have a cosy place where they can take a rest and have a good night’s sleep. To help you choose the right beds for your dogs, you must consider some important details such as their sleeping patterns, sizes, weights and orthopaedic conditions like bone or joint pains. Luxury dog beds come in various styles (e.g., standard, donut, travel, crate, covered, cooling, heated, bolster and orthopaedic), colours and materials

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628 words - 3 pages believed that cities led to corruption; therefore nature is a safe place to become more spiritual. This is why Rip Van Winkle schemes into the forest with his dog to escape the attack of his wife. Sleeping for 20 years is where the "imagination is greater than logic" part comes into play. The moral of the story, however, is to have your priorities in order. Rip helped neighbors whenever possible, yet was unwilling towards his family. Of course sleeping for 20 years isn't reasonable for us. Whether Irving is romantic or not, the point is to display to every reader throughout time that we cannot sleep through a revolution, or shrink our responsibilities.

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809 words - 3 pages share their devotion. While Hunter and his brood were champion show dogs, we didn't restrict them to crates or to a pen in the back yard. They were considered family and they lived with us in the house. This was unsettling to non-canine lovers, who viewed with disdain our pups sleeping on the bed and watching television on the recliner. I was the dog's devoted owner and never understood the problem.When I was seven, I began attending dog shows with

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