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The Small Car Market In India: Research Study

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India is likely to evolve into a global hub for small-car manufacturing. Currently, India is one of the largest producers of small cars with the small car segment accounting for about three-fourths of the Indian car market. The fast-growing small-car market has encouraged several global auto companies (Renault Nissan, Toyota, and Hyundai) to announced plans for launch of small cars in India. The Indian auto market is growing very fast and every car manufacturers are planning expansion for the Indian market. Moreover, the small car segment in India is the latest attraction. THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PROJECT WILL BE DEFINED AS FOLLOWS: 1.To analyze the purchasing behaviors of the customers. 2.To analyze the positioning of small cars in the market. 3.To analyze the market share of cars manufacturers’ comparison to other. 4.To examine the satisfaction level of the customers.

Methodology refers to the way adopted for collecting information and data regarding a matter. The increasingly complex nature of business has focused attention on the use of research methodology in solving managerial problems. Information expressed in appropriate quantitative from is known as data. The source of data includes two types: Primary data Secondary data PRIMARY DATA: Primary data is that which is collected a fresh and for the first time and thus happen to be original in character. The methods used for collecting primary data are: Questionnaires Interview method SECONDARY DATA: Secondary data are those which have already been collected by some other agency and which have already been processed. The instruments used for collecting secondary data are: Magazines and journals Marketing editions and books Web sites.


Q1. Why you bought your present car? Please rank from the highest order of preference Increase in disposable income
Better safety at roads Family needs Increase in family size Suits your lifestyle and personality
Increasein disposable income Better safety
At roads Family needs Increase in family size Suits your
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