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Some people think that it is difficult to find a relationship betweenhome and computer. Usually people think that computer just using in acompany and office. It is a misleading concept as we have a SMARTHOUSE. The complete SMART HOUSE System has been available sinceearly 1993. In a SMART HOUSE, people build a relationship betweencomputer and home. The SMART HOUSE is a home management systemthat allows home owners to easily manage their daily lives by providing for alifestyle that brings together security, energy management, entertainment,communications, and lighting features. So, the SMART HOUSE system isdesigned to be installed in a new house. Moreover, the system can beinstalled in a home undergoing reconstruction where walls have beencompletely exposed. The SMART HOUSE Consortium is investigating anumber of different option to more easily install the SMART HOUSE systemin an existing home. Moreover, the SMART HOUSE system has beenpackaged to satisfy any home buyer's needs and budget. The system appealsto a broad segment of new home buyers because of the diverse features andbenefits it offers. These segments includes professionals, baby boomers in themove up markets, empty nesters, young middle-class, two - income families,the aging, and all who are energy conscious and technologically astute.Therefore, the SMART HOUSE system is suitable to install in new homes.Firstly, more saving can be gained when the SMART HOUSE Systemoffers several energy management options that have the potential to reduce ahome owner's utility bill by 30% or more per year depending on the optionsinstalled. For examples, a smart house can turn lights on and offautomatically, it can help save on your electric bill. Moreover, the heating andair conditioning can be more efficiently controlled by a computer, savingtremendously on the cost of maintaining a consistent temperature within alarge house. The exact level of savings will pay vary by house due to localutility rate structures, size of home, insulation, lifestyle, etc.Secondly, it is an easily operating system. Home owners can controltheir SMART HOUSE System using a menu driven control panel, touch-tonephone, personal computer, remote control or programmable wall switch. AllSMART HOUSE controls are designed to be simple and easy to use. Becausesmart houses are independence, they can help people with disabilitiesmaintain an active...

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