The Smartphones’s Effects In Society Essay

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The iPhone is one of the most revolutionary phones to be created. Every year when a new model is released to the market, many consumers tend to stand in lines in front of Apple stores waiting many hours to get their hands on the new device and to be one of the first ones to have one. In today’s age of technology, there are numerous of technological devices that we use, however, no device matches up to the Apple iPhone.
The iPhone was first introduced by Steve Jobs in the year 2007, he introduced a device with a fully implemented touch screen, capable of performing more task than any other Smartphone in the market. In the book Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson the Managing Editor of Time, ...view middle of the document...

To this day Apple continues to be number one in mobile sales, after the iPhone 5’s release, According to an article in the New York Times by Nick Windfield revenue from the iPhone “rose sixty percent to $18.12 billion, making up around half of the company’s total revenue. It sold twenty seven million units.” Sales continue to grow this year’s sale was twice as much as last year’s.
Before the Smartphone came out many people would use more than one device to do various tasks, but when the iPhone was released, it helped the public get rid of the need for excess devices. The road maps that people would use to get around from city to city, or having the need to go out and buy a GPS, when the iPhone 4 came out it made you forget about those, the iPhone 4 had a GPS built in at your disposal. It had the ability to give you turn-by-turn directions and also gives you an option to search for restaurants or gasoline stations in a matter of a few seconds. The Apple iPhone 4 was the only device that could get you anyplace at anytime, wherever you are.
Surfing the Internet was what attracted people to the iPhone the most, with it you are able to view the Internet and do activities such as shopping, paying the bills, watching videos online and doing research. This is what made the iPhone so popular with consumers; The iPhone gave people the ability to surf the web and enter websites while still maintaining personal security in which users can enter personal information such as; credit card numbers, social security, and their personal addresses. In the book Cell Phone Culture by Gerard Goggin, he mentions that before the iPhone “[there] were numerous programs capable of hacking a phone and retrieve personal information”(131). Thanks to the iPhone people for the first time felt safe using a mobile device.
The iPhone was famous for it’s implementation of a camera and music player, instead of having more than three devices with you, the revolutionary iPhone made it easier for the public to interact with this device. It has a built in camera, which allows you to take both pictures and videos and upload your photographs straight to your PC, wirelessly printed, and shared through email or a text message. When it first came out in 2007 it was the first and only phone to be able to be synced with iTunes. At the time and still today iTunes is the most popular music libraries in the world. It contains...

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