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On October 1, 1924, Jimmy Carter was born in Plains, Georgia which is a small little farm town with a population of about 600. Jimmy grew up in the great depression, although his family was one of the more wealthy families as his dad was a very successful farmer and businessman. Growing up during segregation Jimmy’s dad was a strong believer of the system his mother, however, was an outspoken iconoclast and didn’t believe in segregation. Jimmy took after his mother and did not believe in segregation. His favorite sport stars were Jackie Robinson and Joe Louis. This kind of belief made Jim very special and showed his unique perspective on the world. At the age of 18 Jimmy joined the navy in the footsteps of his favorite uncle. Jimmy stood out at the Naval Academy graduating in the top third of his class. The summer before Jim’s final year at the Naval Academy he started dating Rosalynn Smith who was a life- long friend of Jim’s youngest sister. Within a few months they were engaged and in June of 1946, they tied the knot. Over the next few years Rosalynn gave birth to three sons John William, James Earl, and Donnel Jeffrey. In his final year at the Naval Academy Jim did an outstanding job, earning a reputation as a hard worker and as a very intelligent man. After several years of this hard work he earned himself a spot in Admiral Hyman Rickover’s elite nuclear submarine program. In 1952 the Carters moved to Schenectady, New York where Jimmy Carter built the reactor for the navy’s first ever nuclear submarine, ‘The Seawolf’. Less than a year after building the submarine Jim received bad news he found out that his dad, Earl Carter, had cancer. After a trip to visit his father, Carter was overwhelmed by the love and support the family received from the community and the Jimmy Carter family decided to move back to Plains, GA in 1953. After leaving the navy Jimmy decided to take over his father’s business. Rosalynn hated the idea and wanted Jimmy to stay in the navy but he had already made up his mind. After only 1 year the Carter Warehouse, a general purpose seed and farm supply company, was doing great and they had become a wealthy family, of course, Rosalynn was no longer upset.
After 9 years of this successful business Carter started to get bored with the business and on his 38th birthday in 1962 Carter told his wife that he planned to run for a seat in the state senate. This was a position Jimmy’s dad had held for a short period of time before his death. Carter had a great campaign but he was going up against fraud. There was a blatant fraud in one of the counties where the Democratic ballot machine was run by political boss Joe Hurst. Carter challenged the results of these ballots in the newspapers and courts until it was overturned. As a senator Carter was brilliant. Many say Jimmy was not a leader of the senate but he was quiet, focused, and effective. Jimmy and Rosalynn were glad he was now a senator but they both knew that Cater was not...

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