The Smithsonian Institute: American Art Museum

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Are you looking for an exhilarating experience with History, Culture and Art? The Smithsonian Institute is the world’s largest museum and research complex. It consist of eighteen museums and galleries, The National Zoo and nine research facilities, with most of the museums located on the National Mall in the heart of Washington D.C. Most of the museums offer free admission and are all within a brisk walk of each other or along the metro transportation system.
In 1829, James Smithson, an English Scientist left his entire fortune to the people of the United States. What is so fascinating in this fact is that James Smithson never took a step inside the United States. James Smithson wanted ...view middle of the document...

In 1972, The Smithsonian Institute gained additional space with the attainment of the Renwick Gallery and were able to add to the main collections, which would give society an even more intriguing experience. In 1981, the museum changed its name to the American Arts and Portrait gallery museum.
At the American Art museum, there are many ways to observe what the museum has to offer. Whether a visitor want to take their time and do a self-guided tour, interact with a tour guide in one of the many guided tours or go on one of the many special themed tours, there is a tour that can please everyone. The American Art Museum contains collections of some of the greatest collections of Art representing over 7,000 artists which date back to as early as the 1840’s. There are eleven categories of collections, which are Early American, Nineteenth century, Twenty century, Contemporary and Media arts, African American art, Craft Art, Folk and Visionary arts, Latino Art, Photography, Sculpture and Works on paper. These collections are a range of collections that are from as far back as the colonial period to today, which offers an incomparable record of the American experience.
The museum has permanent collections as well as traveling exhibits that are continuous, changing, which keeps the tourists coming back. The collections are spread across three floors that allows a person to flow from one room to another in order to gain an educational and exhilarating experience. The Art museum offers many interactive programs that can excite young and old from all ethnical backgrounds, which allows them to explore their creativity side. Some of the interactive programs that the American Art museum offers is handi-hour, which is an interactive DIY program that allows visitors an evening of excellent crafts paired with beer and live music. Another program that they offer is on the second Saturday of every month they have family day in which families can interact with children book reading, arts and craft activities, and musical performances. On any given Tuesday, you can find people gathered at the Luce Foundation Center sketching away as one of many of the interactive programs that are offered by the American Arts Museum. Throughout the month, the American Art Museum offers tourist a look at different genres of music from classical to jazz to contemporary music.
The Smithsonian Institute offers a once in a lifetime experience to society. It gives back to society an understanding of where we came from to what we are today. It offers an insight into history, cultures and...

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