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Who are the so-called “Plain People”? Without sufficient insight and research, one might presume the Amish and the Mennonites to merely be interchangeable terms for a group that is essentially one in the same. This assumption is, no doubt, an incorrect perception. In fact, the Amish broke away from the Mennonites, who were too liberal for the Amish’s penchant. The two diverse people factions share numerous similarities; however, the Amish and Mennonites do not look eye to eye on certain beliefs and values regarding modern technology, apparel, urban civilization, punishments, supply necessities, commitment to the church, education, or occupations.
For instance, the idea of technology is generally rejected by the Amish but adopted by the Mennonites. The Amish fervently refrain from the use and possession of any form of electricity or technology; henceforth, this people group tends to use horse drawn buggies for transportation (Whose education?). Technology’s ban amongst the Amish community subsists because the modern influence is said to interfere with the purity of one’s faith (Amish and Mennonites). Essentially, the Amish mindset perceives modern day technology as the prime connection to the world’s evil nature that is considered to so easily entangle one into believed immoral conveniences and temptations. In fear of the destruction of the capability to practically support life, the Amish forbid that which could devastate family life and community unification in any tactic possible. Simply speaking, smaller is better, and less is more (Religion Facts). Mennonites, on the other hand, are more tolerate of technology and understanding of its accommodating purposes than the Amish faction. Unlike the Amish, this group believes that the outside influence of technology can strengthen their pious beliefs and assist them in enhancing their servitude to God. Although the Mennonite people allow innovations such as simple automobiles and electricity generators, they are, nevertheless, selective in choosing what technology is acceptable. For example, radios and television sets are not considered customary. Merely, the Mennonites use technology only when they can carefully and properly control it (Amish and Mennonites).
One chief reason the Amish and Mennonite people are often mistaken to be the same religious group is because of both their archaic, stark apparel. Without proper knowledge on the subject, the difference between the two groups’ clothing is...

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