The Social And Cultural World As Seen In 'bend It Like Beckham.'

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The movie 'Bend it like Beckham' is set within modern day Britain in 2002, the movie follows the lives of two young women following the same dreams with two completely different cultures, and their own obstacles to overcome. One family is Indian and strongly rooted within its traditions of Sikh and the other is British born with their own strong opinions and morals. Jess, who is growing up in a traditional Indian family, is faced with the endeavour to somehow integrate the cultures of India and Britain comfortably together. Through this journey the movie explores the issue of racism amongst British society. Another aspect explored is the lack of opportunities within the field of football for females, within England today there are 182 women's football teams recognised at an official level. Within the movie, stereotypes for women in sports are exposed and confronted as well as the sexist attitudes toward women seen to be playing 'male' orientated sports, and how they are revered within their respected cultures. Genders within sports have always been a controversial topic that is still in the process of seeing out equality in its opportunities given to females in the sport of football, India's women's football team is still struggling to gain acknowledgment and recognition for its arising talent.Family;Family played a key role in the foundation of the movie and was crucial in establishing an image of disagreement in the ideas placed onto children when they are attempting to develop their own moralities in a micro setting. Both families showcased perfectly that no matter your ethnicity or environment anyone can face these dilemmas. From the conventional Indian perspective, playing soccer as a female was seen to have been a disgrace to the family, "she's bringing shame on the family," I don't want the shame on my family," this conveys the importance of how the family is received and viewed within their own personal culture as well as their environment on a meso level. Although both families appeared to be quite different at first it seems as though they are not as dissimilar as they would like to believe, both mothers are encouraging their daughters to forgo their passion for football in order to secure a husband or male partner. Both families are firm in their beliefs, whether that is the tradition religion that the Indian culture enjoys or the traditionalist white/Anglo-Saxon views and opinions portrayed by the typical white suburban family. Both families refer to either their personal set of values or the values that their religion degrees as a guide for how their children should grow to behave and think. Both sets of parents use their authority as adults to establish obedience and uniformity. In Jess's case family contributes to her insecurities about the large scar on her thigh, "showing the world your scar," the mum says as if discussed by the idea of it.Identity;Identity is pivotal within this movie as it displays the personal experiences and...

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