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The Social And Economic Solvency Of Publicly Funded Christmas Events

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During the last month of any given year, Americans can be found out in force. Shopping, ice skating, seeing Santa, visiting family. The Christmas aesthetic is one of the most cherished aspects of the holiday season, and it’s easy to see why; green pine and fir trees festooned with baubles, shimmering tinsel, neatly wrapped presents and glittering lights on every roof, all creating an almost palpable atmosphere of warmth and magic. Holiday traditions may be an important yearly ritual, but every year, and important question is raised: is it appropriate to decorate public spaces for Christmas using public funds? While fair points are raised on both sides, to cities with elaborate and well known ...view middle of the document...

Also popular is the ice skating rink, one of the only outdoor ones in southern California. The city also profits from the taxes and licenses, of the many food vendors that line the streets, the stalls of Christmas hats and toys and the multiple horse-drawn carriage services. Revenue from licensing consistently outstrips projections, and it’s easy to see why. The Festival of Lights brings more business to Riverside than is easily estimated.
As far as holiday events go, the Festival of Lights in very inclusive. There are no references to Christmas or Christianity in any advertisements for the Festival of Lights. For the most part, holiday events are becoming and continue to become inclusive to those of all religions. This is only natural, considering that mid-winter holidays exist in almost every culture and religion in the world. Even Christmas itself is mostly comprised of traditions appropriated from Pagan and Germanic mid-winter rites.
Winter events are an important tradition that make people happy. Use of emergency psychotherapy services and suicide rates decline in the weeks before Christmas and return to normal the week after. In the study Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The Impact of Christmas Rituals on Subjective Well-being and Family's Emotional Climate, authors Paez Darao, Angeles M. Bilbao, Magdelena Bobowik, Miryam Campos, and Nekane Basabe write:
In contradiction to lay beliefs about these holidays, stress and conflict caused by its experience was weak, while participation in rituals was high and satisfactory, and positive emotions were dominant. High frequency of participation in ritualised family celebrations increased positive well-being: satisfaction with life, perceived social well-being, and the balance of affective well-being. Satisfaction with rituals had an impact on positive affect, satisfaction with life and positive family climate, while participation frequency was more relevant for social support and lower loneliness level.
There are ways current Winter Events can be improved upon: being more inclusive of...

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