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The Social Deviance Of The Self Reference In The Third Person

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This section will cover the reactions from the employees when the customer referred to himself in the third person. While the conversations were not recorded to give an exact transcript of what was said, the main part of the conversations will be narrated.
At Chipotle, a Mexican fast food restaurant, the customer approached the first station where he ordered a burrito. The first employee asked “What can I get started for you?” The customer then replied with “Andrew will get a chicken burrito.” The employee proceeded then to warm a tortilla and ask the customer what kind of rice and beans he would like. The customer responded in similar fashion, saying, “Andrew will take some brown rice and no beans.” It was then that the customer began to look at the customer with a confused look. She did not say anything, and she continued to keep creating the burrito. When the customer went to the next part of the burrito-creating process (with a new employee), he did not begin his responses with “Andrew will have” but rather stating what he wanted on the burrito (e.g. “pico, sour cream and cheese, please.”). The next employee was the cashier, responsible for ringing up the customer for his food. The cashier asked the customer if the burrito was going to be it for him. The customer responded with “That’s going to be it for Andrew today.” The cashier then acknowledged the customer and then proceeded to check the customer out. Once the checkout was completed, the customer said “Thank you,” and left the restaurant.
The next restaurant the customer went to was Steak & Shake, a burger restaurant. Here there was only one employee for the customer to talk to: the cashier. The cashier greeted the customer with “How are you doing?” the customer replied with “Andrew is great, how are you doing,” to which the cashier replied with a smile and asked for the customer’s order. The customer replied with “Andrew will have the ‘original double and cheese steak burger, with a drink.” The cashier would then put the order in and ask for payment. The cashier then said that the buzzer would beep when the customer’s order was ready. The customer smiled and said “Thank you.”
The final restaurant was Taco Bell, the popular Mexican fast food restaurant. The customer entered the restaurant stood in line for his turn. Once he was ready to order, the cashier asked the customer what he would like. The customer then gave the employee his order while referring to himself in third person: “Andrew will have the two cheese quesadillas, two taco supremes and a medium drink.” The cashier put the order in and handed the customer his receipt. The cashier said that the customer’s order would be ready soon and the customer responded “Alright, thank you.”
The first department store the customer went to was Kohl’s. The first conversation the customer had with an employee was an associate who was helping him find the right size of jeans. The employee begun the conversation by asking the...

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