The Social Economic And Ethical Consequences Of Current Uses Of Computing.

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The social economic and ethical consequences of current uses of computing.Modern uses of computing have many beneficial functions within employment and businesses.The internet is a valuable source for advertising businesses, with roughly 100, 000, 000 more people surfing the web than watching television the internet has become an invaluable medium for advertisements. Businesses are able to setup their own websites with memorable . COM domain names on which they can explain the functions or products of the business as well as setting up a online "shopping" system which if fast becoming the most popular way for the public to buy products.The use of computing as communication is also invaluable. Using videoconferences and e-mail, meetings and important information can take place or be sent all over the world, saving money on business trips or expensive postage costs. Information can also be easily shared throughout a company, stored in a database on a network and protected by passwords this information can be easily shared between any personnel who require the information.However computers can also be used in un-ethical ways within the work place. The Internet is a great distraction and employees can waste company time surfing the web under the pretence of doing work and the storing of pornography and illegal software on company networks is fast becoming a major problem.Computing has also become greatly beneficial to education, the Internet contains large quantities of information and resources for school children to use that are more up to date than the leading newspapers. The BBC's Bite size revision site being a good example as many students have found it invaluable when revising for their GCSE's. However there is to much unsuitable for the children to surf the net which may require the school to set up an intranet which can be both time consuming and restrictive. As well as this, the introduction of ITC to the national curriculum requires all schools to be supplied with computers, which can have a major affect on the schools budget.Of course the area which computing can have the most affect on society and the individual is within leisure. The computer and internet provide entertainment in many different forms, from video games to media. Music, video, software and a whole wealth of interesting reading some of it based on truth others fictional. But with all this there are major drawbacks. As we have seen before the internet is rife with unsuitable and offensive material, with the internet being world wide there is nothing to restrict material which is illegal within Britain, like paedophilia, snuff movies of people being killed along with other information which is harmful to society like anti government propaganda and information for making explosives.The internet has also been found to be dangerously addictive, one statistic says that one in ten people are addicted to the Internet and that is quite a lot of people.Instant messagin is a majour...

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