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The Social Networking Site, Facebook: Safe Enough For Teenagers?

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During the summer about a decade ago, teenagers of all ages were seen playing outside with all of their friends from sun up to sun down. In order to see if your best friend was home, you had to walk to their house and ring the doorbell in hopes of them answering. To add on, if your birthday was during the summer, you’d get an invitation in the mail box along with your school schedule for the following school year. Some people called this the good life, but with time everything changed. Technology has taken over the United States, not only with smart phones, but with televisions, houses and computers too. Now a days, if you’re a teenager without a smart phone, you’re thought to be “uncool” ...view middle of the document...

Most of the time, teenagers can easily enter in where the go to school and where they are, giving anyone trouble-free access to locate or pinpoint them down during school hours or when they are out at a restaurant or store. Even worse, if they have the wrong settings on after they update their status, they could signal out an exact location of where they are, causing extreme endangerment if this gets into the wrong hands. To add on, if they set their profiles to unprivate and then change it to private, all of the things they posted and liked before that time is still visible for anyone to see. In the long run, Facebook has not found a controlling solution for the lack of privacy options on teenager’s profiles causing a field day for risky people to see.
Consequently, Facebook is dangerous to teenagers because of the risk of cyberbullying. While bullying can happen almost anywhere, like the school playground or the neighborhood park, a new type of bullying, called cyberbullying has transpired with the appearance of social networking sites. With the effortless access of teenagers posting whatever they want, whenever they want, and however they want, it makes it easier to post how they are feeling in general or how they are feeling about a certain someone. For example, mostly all teenagers from one school are friends with each other on their Facebook accounts. One bully could post a status about someone they don’t like or something embarrassing that happened during the school day and within minutes, all of their schoolmates can see the status, like it, and post their opinion of the matter in a comment below the status. Not only does Facebook promote bullying with these status updates, everyone who is friends with the status poster can see it, adding to the embarrassment and humiliation of the teen being tormented. Now, some might say just report the status, but does anyone know how many statuses are reported daily? It would take hours and maybe even days for a Facebook worker to come across the post to get it off the site. Facebook calls this a solution? It is basically like telling teens “Sorry, we will get back to you later maybe if we come across it.” All in all, Facebook sponsors and supports cyberbullying for these teenagers and in reality there is nothing they can do about it....

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