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The Social Political Ramifications Of Immigration Essay

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For many years, America has had a misconception of immigrants. Most Americans think them to be taking up space, money, and jobs, but that’s not the case. U.S. native-born citizens have a trace of immigration in their family history leaving them with no room to judge others because after all immigration is down the line somewhere and, “[a]ll Americans are immigrants” (Granquist). Americans have common misconceptions of a lot of things such as America being the greatest in the world and democracy is the best form of government. Immigration just so happens to be another misconception made by Americans. However, that is not to say that it is not a fixable problem. Throughout the past years of politics and reforms in the U.S., America has started to fix prejudice towards immigrants, as well as start to understand why it is occurring. America has made improvements in having equality in culture, religion, education, and language which made it a better environment for the immigrants. America managed to throw out the hardships and stereotypes of immigrants and realize how they are benefitting. After reforms were put in place to increase equality and decrease prejudice, America benefited socially and economically. Since immigrants increased the supply demand, they created more jobs. This in turn brought a rise of the economy. America made some of the most appropriate changes in order to benefit others as well as themselves. Because of the advanced reforms in America and the determination for no prejudice towards immigrants, the environment became better and America began to benefit.
In the beginning, America had loose border patrol and almost anyone could come into the United States if need be. Many immigrants took advantage and came to America because they wanted to have freedoms and had high hopes of finding a job and living a successful life. However, the United States was not prepared for this. Many people came in with hopes too high and were disappointed by what the reality of it was. Immigrants knew U.S. native born citizens would become upset by the number of immigrants that were now residing in the U.S., but hoped they wouldn’t become too angry. For a bit, the native born citizens did not really mind the immigrants, but after a while the idea of all of these immigrants in their country began to bother them. American citizens started to have bad impressions or ideas of immigrants and what they were trying to do. The native-born citizens thought they needed to stop them somehow. However, they did not approach this well and came off as rude and hateful to most immigrants. They thought they needed to stop them
Native born U.S. citizens noticed the large numbers of immigrants and started to have false impressions of them. Americans thought they were taking their jobs and decreasing their pay. Native born citizens knew something had to be done and turned to being rude and hateful. They used harsh words in hopes that the immigrants would then become...

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