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The Social Problem Through A Theoretical Lens

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Petra Scott-Harris
Mini-paper #3: The social problem through a theoretical lens
Adelphi University

This section will depict two theories from the Sociology and psychological disciplines and the nature of runaway homeless youths and lack of housing for runaway homeless youths and lack of housing. What is a theory? According to (Rubin & Babbie, 2005, pp. 43) a theory is a group of connected and related ideas, that gives an account about the true-lifeabout the world whose needed reality can be reinforced by proof acquired through the scientific method., it also describes in a verifiable way why something happens.pp43
According to Hardian et al., (2006), theories specify actions or interventions which produce outcomes. Hardian et a.l, (2006) further states that “theories of management practice examines how organizations maintain themselves, how people interact within the organization, how power and resources are distributed within an organizations, and how organizations adapt to the demands of the surrounding environment” p.19.
The political Economics theory according to Hardina et al. 2006 focuses on the organizations ability to obtain funding and it becomes a legitimate organization which relates to funders and local institutions. It also takes into account whether or not the organization can achieve goals. Wamsley and Zald (1973) as cited in Hardina et al (2006) states that political Economic theory focuses on how the organization strategize and utilizes the limited resources it have been given to make the program effective. An aspect of the political theory explains how the theory is used to effectively provide service to runaway homeless youth and how in turn the runaway youths, can effectively find and be able to pay for adequate housing. As well as the programs effectively finding ways of how to allocate their budget and to stay within their budget so that no runaway youth who are able to gain the skills they needs to seek adequate and permanent housing.

An intervention which has been used to correct the issue of runaway homeless youth and inadequate housing is called a Promising Community-Wide Approach. A Promising community-wide program was but in place to offer a variety of support for runaway and homeless youths which consequently result in successful outcomes to the individual it serves. An example is the Urban Peak Denver. This program work together with government programs on the federal, state level. They work with local programs to attain recommendations and offer services such as: street outreach and testing for sexually transmitted diseases; staff for a medical clinic, HIV testing, and an on-site pharmacy; educational services for GED and post secondary education; employment services; substance abuse treatment; transitional and supportive housing; assessments and psychological evaluations; pregnancy prevention services; and recreation services. In 2004, 63% of the youths served by Urban Peak had a...

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