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In the article I found on CNN the sociological issue was discrimination. The NYPD used recruitment exams that discriminated against African-American and Hispanic individuals who applied. Nicholas Garaufis United States district judge, came to the conclusion that, the written tests that were being administered had “discriminatory effects and little relationship to the job of a firefighter.” Garaufis also says that the “examinations unfairly excluded hundreds of qualified people of color from the opportunity to serve as New York City firefighters,”. With that being said Garaufis ruled that the issue was employment discrimination towards African-Americans and Hispanics. When the ruling ...view middle of the document...

As for making up for the past years they haven’t determined a decision on what to do for earlier discriminations. (
I chose the article on discrimination that I found on CNN because, discrimination is a social issue that is known in society. Not only is it a known issue, but we discussed discrimination in class and it’s in chapter nine in section 9.5 so it corresponds to the chosen article. Discrimination is defined as behaviors that deny rights, privileges, or opportunities to specific groups. In my article the African-Americans and Hispanics were the ones that were denied jobs because they weren’t “qualified” according to the firefighter exam. They weren’t only denied jobs because of the unfair exams that were administered, but were denied working privileges and opportunities to be a part of the New York City fire department. That of which they wouldn’t of missed out on if the exam would of tested actual qualifications and wasn’t discriminatory towards the minority group. With that being said, it’s clear that there was discrimination towards the African-Americans and Hispanics, because there was such a low percentage of them apart of the fire force. The textbook also states that...

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