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The Sociology Of Leopard Man By Logan Feys

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Individuality is a valued character in society and is what makes us who we are, if we lose our individuality and conform we lose ourselves. In the article “The Sociology of Leopard Man” by Logan Feys, the author describes what he thinks it means to be an individual and the dangers of conformity. Leopard Man lives in seclusion and is covered in tattoos, Feys uses him as an example of an individual that does not care what the world thinks of him. I agree almost completely agree with Feys’s ideas about individuality. I agree because of Feys’s points about false normality, and how going against conformity is what makes an individual, however I disagree with his repeated use of the word freak, ...view middle of the document...

Feys’s called conformity, “ the world’s most common but dangerous psychological disorder.”(¶6) and that going against the pressures to conform is what makes us individuals. Feys’s says that, “to be human is to be an individual human”(¶ 6) We give up our individuality and our very humanity by conforming. This is completely true, one of the fundamental things that separate humans and animals is that we can choose to not conform and be an individual instead of being slaves to our instinctual impulses. If everyone conformed, then humanity would be lost we would be no different from a swarm of locust operating as a unit instead of as individuals. Some people may say that conformity is a natural part of life that cannot be escaped and that by Feys’s logic no one maintains their humanity. While conformity may be natural in some parts of life there are varying degrees of conformity so someone can conform slightly by, doing things like wearing popular brands or having a certain hairstyle, while still maintaining their humanity. It is only when someone blindly accepts all ideas presented to them that they conform completely and lose their humanity. In the beginning of the article Feys may make it seem like the only way to be an individual is to do what Leopard Man did and leave society, but in his conclusion he suggests, “ one can be part of society and attain happiness or shun it completely… or, like me, one can try and do both.”(¶ 9) this suggestion shows the varying degrees of individuality and that anyone can be part individual and part conformist while still finding the same bliss as Leopard Man.
I disagree with Feys use of the word freak to refer to people he declares as, “ Anti social freaks…...

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