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Soldier Boys is about 2 boys from different places from the world, but they are both fighting for the same thing, and that is freedom. Spencer who is from USA, and Dieter who is from Germany. Both of the boys are from small families,and both of the boys are minor citizens. The book starts of with Spencer trying to convince his father that he want to go the the military, and fight for his freedom. His father and mother does not agree with this, but as the conflict continues, his father signs the contract.
Dieter who is in the Hitler Youth, he starts practicing to prove his toughness for his leader Hans Keller. When Spence goes to boot camp, he meets a man called Ted Draney, who becomes his ...view middle of the document...

Old christmas memories are now coming back to him, and he is missing his home town. Dierer finds out that Schafler’s son died near his home town. His son was manning an anti-aircraft gun.
Spencer and the boys are now moving closer to the battle. They spent the night in the woods, they digged a fox hole as awlays and went to sleep. The next day the woke up at dawn and moved on, after some hours of walking Spencer heard some scream “Shell” he immediately jumped to the ground and covered his head, he could hear the screaming from others. Spencer was really frightened. Then the troop leaders said that they have to run to the woods. Spencer and Ted made it, but two men died in the attack. Now the troop had stayed in the woods for a time, and everything was quiet as a mouse. The troop leader asked them to dig in, so they can get a good night of sleep.
Later that night Spencer realized his toes were freezing, he tried to take his foot out without waking up ted, but he failed. So ted told him to put his feet under his jacket where Ted also had his feet under.
Dieter and Schaefer were walking through the woods when bullets started coming at them. Dieter jumped on the ground and waited for the bullets sound to stop. Later on the boys came to a small road, they stopped to have lunch and rest a little bit, but then a plane sound came in the far distance and all the boys started to scream and scatter. Dieter ran into the woods as fast as he could and he could hear the bullet sound just coming colder and closer....

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