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It is necessary to stop or at least slow down overpopulation, otherwise all of our resources will start to parish. According to professor Krisin Johnston,
“Not only are there more of us, but we are consuming more—and that consumption is directly related to the imperiled state of the planet: wild animals and wild places are disappearing; pollution in earth, air, and water is increasing; and radical climate changes are affecting weather patterns all over the world” (Largen, 13).
This is why its important to make a radical solution like, eliminating the senior population. Many people will oppose to this solution because they believe that there’s other ways to tackle this threat. Over the ...view middle of the document...

A radical solution like eliminating the seniors. Right now seniors are the ones who use the most resources, and there’s a lot of money that’s being wasted on them. Money that could be used for the younger generations. The other solutions that people have thought of in the past have already failed, and barely made a dent. Contraceptives were created in order for people to not have kids. This also gave them another chance and made them aware of family planning. The reason why this solution failed was because contraceptives at the time were expensive. On top of that, there’s families who live in rural areas, that would not bother to use contraceptives. The idea of abortion was introduced, when contraceptives came out. Some people believe that abortions is by far, the best solution to stop overpopulation; Although many religions are against abortions. William Wanlund, published an article where he said that “I was hardly thinking 50 years ahead, to what impact my decision would have on the world future” (CQ.Researcher.Wanlund). Another solution to stop overpopulation was to start taxing parents for every child that was born, or to incorporate the one child policy just like China. The reason why this idea to become like china would fail is because not everyone lives under a communist government. China lives under a dictator who controls the population no matter what, this is why the one child policy has been able to survive this long. If this idea is implemented in the U.S the people will revolt, because the majority of people already pay taxes. And in other parts of the world, people live in certain areas where the government does not care how many kids are in each family. The solutions that people have thought so far, either cost money or will require to change governments, which obviously will not happen.
Another opposing view to this argument would be that seniors do in fact contribute to society. They might not contribute economically, however they do offer knowledge of life and experiences that can be passed down through generations. These experiences are indeed very valuable, and no one can detest that. But is it necessary for these lessons to be given by seniors? Parents and teachers already do this on the daily. They are also more in tune with society now a days and its ever changing ways. Having parents, teachers, and seniors is redundant and the costs far outweigh the benefits. Many people may think that putting an age limit upon the seniors to abide is cruel and unfair since they worked their entire life. But in reality its no different than the laws we abide by now. The purpose of laws are to keep peace, order and prosperity among the people. By mandating an age limit upon the seniors it would free up...

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