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The Answer To Foreclosure Essay

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You have three days to leave you home, you’ve gotten the news today. You take one last look despairingly around your snug little home touching for the last time the small cool stone mantle. Take a final stroll and look out the sliding window and think desperately, ‘Why?’ Despair, confusion, and rage run rampart in your mind and you struggle to come with how you came into this situation. Do you blame yourself? Blame the lenders who talked you into the buying the house or made it seem so easy? Do you ultimately blame the government? Forget about the blame game. Remember you have three days to leave your home and what’s happened is past. Look now to the future. You look back as you pull out for the last time of the driveway. Why?
Foreclosure is what it comes down to. We see it on the news and hear about it happening to others. To me foreclosure is a disaster that many have all tried to fix through various approaches. The ugly problem still remains despite many efforts. Everyone wants answers, congress, people who’ve been forced out of their homes, people who’ve had to see people forced out of their home, and the rest of America. So what is the answer?
The answer to foreclosure and many problems that are developing also in the credit unions can be answered two ways. One in which is quite simply, give money back to the people. By now many viewers of this essay must be quite taken aback. A simple phrase doesn’t seem to be the answer to everything. Quite often however the simplest answers are the right ones. Allow me to explain, please.
Giving money back to the people will allow this crisis to be solved in 1 major way: (1) It will give the people another chance to be responsible instead of having their mess taken care for them. The government seems to have forgotten its original role to help govern the people not to simply take care of all crisis’s and further more add to them in trying to fix other’s problems. The government has accomplished many things but now in its previous dealings many “help” actions have turned into “hurt” actions. Never should we pursue actions that hurt more then help or are temporary Band-Aids covering a much more serious problem.
Furthermore the government in recent reports has set upon using money from the future to pay for troubles for now. “Never count your chickens before they hatch,” a wise man once commented. It is true that without the present problem fixed our future is looking rocky but that does not excuse using future funds to aid the present as we have no sure way of knowing that the future would be able to have funds. Acting on such a tremulous foundation will prove not only perilous but also a disaster. Let us deviate from such a tragic take on the problem and consider additionally in the foreclosure crisis what got us into in the first...

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