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The Solutions To Climate Crisis Essay

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  As we human beings have entered the Anthropocene, a new geological epoch dominated by humanity. The relentless pressure we have put on our planet has increased daily at a speedy pace, which has resulted in an unprecedented destabilization of climate change. What’s worse, our disagreement with climate change has left the planet in an even more dangerous crisis. The economic imbalance between the developed countries and the developing countries, lack of the awareness of sustainable development and are the two main obstacles stand on the way. In order to solve these problems respectively, we should take actions towards sharing and exchange of natural resources between rich and poor and regard climate change as a common first priority, and promoting the realization of the responsibility for sustainable development as a precaution for the future climate change.

  First of all, with rapid global demographic expansions after the invention of agriculture, poverty has long become a major cause and effect of global environmental issues. The limited natural resources like fossil fuels on earth could hardly satisfy the high demand of the growing population. Therefore the allocation of resources between rich and poor has been brought up to be a global concern. In the context of climate change, the developed countries always consume more natural resources than it’s needed and left the developing countries being the powerless victim of climate change. The inequality between rich and poor has correspondingly led to the consequence of imbalance in nature. To regain the balance and solve this inequality, the developed countries will have to control their use of resources and be willing to share and exchange their resources with the developing countries. For example, well-developed country like the United States wants the abundant fossil oil resources of a less developed country like Iraq. They should exchange their sophisticated technology with Iraq so both of them can benefit. However, if the U.S insists to gain resources by starting a war, neither of them will be advantaged in a long term as the poverty will make allocation of natural resources even harder. Moreover, developed countries should also try to cancel the international debt of the developing countries which are impossible to pay back, so that more funds of the developed countries will be allowed to build more environmentally-friendly constructions and facilities. Overall, sense of global living rather than individualism should be seriously taken into account as if the nature collapses everyone living on the planet will have to suffer from the climate change despite their level of wealth.

  Not only should the consumption habits of developed...

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