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The Son Of Sirion Essay

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Twenty-six years ago, the Delphinidae invaded planet Alvortia. The arrival of the unannounced visitors was met with a reception more deplorable than that of the death that lingered in the poignant future.
The Alvorians, the dominant race of the planet, seemed to be human, aside from their cosmic strength and intelligence. Alvortia was known throughout the universe as a "Super Planet," due to its immense size and atmospheric ability to keep any species not only alive, but more than well. The Alvorians were a near perfect race, which no one dared to inconvenience, for their defenses were of the best. That is, until the Delphinidae arrived.
The Delphinidae were a compelling race originating from planet Kaiden. They did not reflect the common portrayal of aliens as well as one may have expected, but instead, they looked strikingly similar to dolphins. Their dominant stature, roughly six feet tall, not only drew attention, but caused a terrifying onslaught of trepidation, rivaled only by Satan himself.
These beings had no tails or fins protruding from their humanoid anatomy, save for the one large dorsal fin emerging from their lower back. Their gray flesh glistened from the moistures that secreted from their pores. Each had two legs that throbbed with masculinity, as well as two arms. Their necks housed veins thicker than a hose, and cozily supported a "Delphin's" head. They sported heavy armors of soulless ebony.
The blue sky began to grow with darkness as the Delphinidae appeared. They landed fiercely in spherical ships that held no more than one Delphin, the vernacular term for Delphinidae. The first Delphin that emerged from the chilling fog of the opening doors immediately charged a young Alvorian man who had been witnessing the arrival.
The creature, identified by the substantially miniscule white number on the left shoulder pad of his armor as 0784, tackled the man to the ground. 0784 immediately locked his immense jaw and grabbed hold of the loose skin on the man's neck. The tearing of the muscles and ligaments of the man was harshly replicated by hundreds more Delphin.
The streets reeked of unfathomable bereavement and ruination of life. The aliens swiftly ceased the mass genocide as an ever so large space craft seated betwixt the mounds of dead bodies and empty pods. The landing mechanisms of this immense craft crushed several Delphins as they attempted to flee their inevitable demise. There was an ear piercing sound coming from its engine. It abruptly stabbed those who had the misfortune of being within its presence.
The craft lousily reflected the bright emissions of the sun onto the now scarlet streets of Alvort. An even louder, more robust roar fell as the entrance to the ship slowly descended to the earth, crushing many large buildings as it fell. The remaining Alvorians examining the happenings and, now thousands, of Delphins cautiously watched the ship's door, smash into the concrete streets of...

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