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The Song Of Innocence Vs. The Song Of Experience

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William Blake's poems show the good and bad of the world by discusses the creator and the place of heaven through the views of Innocence and Experience while showing the views with a childlike quality or with misery.
Blake one of many others had lived in the time of the American, French, and Industrial Revolutions (Blake Background). This gave Blake the opportunity to witness the most conflicting stages for the transformation of the Western world. Through Blake's poems The Lamb, and The Tyger can reflect the change of the Western world. As in the lamb it is of a feudal agricultural society time that still has the innocence of a young shapered. Up to the Tyger that has a feel of the ...view middle of the document...

Words such as "twist, dare, burnt, and seize" creates an image of how the act of creating the inhuman tiger was a highly dangerous and daring deed for the creator to have proceeded in making the tiger. Other words describe the area of creation was a furnace type area. The words "hammer, anvil, and furnace" are signs to the reader that this was in the time of the Industrial Revolution. Which Blake had seen coming, and had lived through. Through these words it makes the creator of the tiger is different from the creator that created the lamb.
For both poems have a similar theme, dealing with creation, and the existence of a creator. There are two other poems that deal with the thought of the after life, and what awaits thoughts how go to heaven. These two poems share the same name The Chimney Sweeper.
The Chimney Sweeper from the Song of Innocence gives the reader the image of how miserable the life of two little children how had to work as chimney sweepers (Chimney). The narrator spoke of when his mother had died he was sold by his father so that he could make some money. The father knew that children where in high demand as for chimney sweepers, and he was willing to sacrifice his chides childhood just to make a profit. Children where sold at such a young age that they could not even say "sweep". This gives the reader the image of how uneducated the children where. After a long day of collecting soot from the chimneys, the children had no play warm and welcoming for them to stay and sleep. So they had to sleep on the soot they had collected. This shows the reader that a life of a chimney sweeper was a miserable time for all how had been sold.
The narrator had a friend named Tom Dacre how was forced to get his white curly hair cut off. The narrator tries to comfort Tom by telling him that the soot can no longer taint his white curly hair. Tom's hair was compared to a lambs back with is shown as innocence, and now that it is cut off not even the soot can taint it any more. After the narrator...

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