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It can be argued that a corporate philosophy, value or mission statement can aid in a company’s ability to distinguish itself and standout against competitors. In addition, statements such as these can prove to be an effective medium in the improvement of employee performance and behavior (Seong, 2011). In the early 2000’s as Dell experienced a drop in market share, CEO Michael Dell turned to The Soul of Dell as a way to mend the corporation’s culture and recapture a stronghold on the industry. Dell’s philosophy statement was created in hopes that it would transform the existing incentive-oriented culture to one which adhered to the newly established key standards and principles of the company. Unfortunately, as Dell would find, the company’s vision for improvement failed to make an impression on employees.
Establishing Standards
The intention of The Soul of Dell was to provide employees with a road map from which to operate from. Acting as a guide, the philosophy statement assists employees in understanding how their behavior contributes to the success of the company. Furthermore, a sound statement serves as the backbone for the overall operation of and organization and provides employees and management alike with the direction needed to fulfill company goals. While this was the purpose of The Soul of Dell, upper management discovered the statement failed to reach and resonate with employees. Unknowingly, it was those who created The Soul of Dell that inadvertently contributed to the disconnect when they failed to consider views and opinions of the components connected to the company. To compensate, upper management should look to individuals throughout the organization who can serve as a resource to identify existing strengths and opportunities for improvement within the company. This process will allow employees to realistically define how they should operate in relation to the company’s mission (Laman, 2011). In addition, existing customers should be contacted to gain an understanding of the exact demands within industry. The information gathered will allow the company to structure the parameters of the philosophy statement such that customers’ exact desires are a main focal point.
In addition to consulting employees and customers regarding the details of the new philosophy statement, Dell should look to incorporate specifics regarding the ethical and moral standards of the company. Employing a diverse population brings with it inherent challenges. As such, it can be expected that there will be inconsistencies with regard to ethical and moral interpretation. Moreover, divisions of labor can create differing points of view between management and employees who, at times, confront vastly different issues in their daily functions (Holme, 2008). Including specifics as to the moral and ethical expectations of the organization will provide a standard for which employees and management can refer. Additionally, it will enable individuals to...

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