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The Souls Journey: Death And Rebirth

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In this essay i will argue for the idea of the soul surviving death. The idea of surviving death has been floating around for years and has been debated by many. It is undeniable that the physical body cannot survive death, but the soul is a whole other matter. The soul itself, the containment of our thoughts, personality and experiences, survives the biological death of the body. The belief in the soul requires the belief in reincarnation based simply on science because of the laws of thermodynamics. Energy cannot be created or destroyed- it can only change its form. The soul it’s self can never be destroyed or die, thus must be reborn. Since the body is "recycled" by decay and ...view middle of the document...

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Suits’s argument is that death can be bad if it you are worse off. Being worse off sometimes means being deprived of something but to be deprived you must be in a worse situation and when you are physically dead you are in no situation and thus can’t be deprived. ( )
In regards to Rosenberg’s argument: death is the separation of body and soul, a body without a soul cannot function as you. Only the body dies not the soul, which simply leaves the body. There’s a new life after a old life yes. If it’s a physical condition it is not the soul that is dying. Loss of soul reduces a person to the statues condition of “corpse”. in regards to Suits’s argument: death isn’t bad as it causes no harm to the self, there’s no true deprivation as whatever you could have been deprived of you will experience is next life.

Rebirth is a necessity for souls as it allows the soul to experience new things and learn. Passing into a nonhuman creature’s body is needed to strength the soul back to being able to handle a human form and thought abilities. The soul doesn’t require an actual body to live but without a body the soul can’t gain new knowledge or experiences. This is due to the land in between death and new life is a constant and doesn’t bring about new experiences. We are souls possessing bodies for the sake of new experiences and personal growth of the soul. The human form provides different understanding to the world than that of another animals form. This is due to the structure of human society, the vast differences between different humans and the constant innovation making for a lot more new things to experience and remember. What you may end up being reborn as can depends on what your previously experienced life was like and how the soul’s personality is. This is done as to teach new lessons that haven’t yet been experienced. Someone who was very selfish and arrogant may get a life of humility to humble himself, for example. One may get a life of hardship in order to learn their lessons. Reversion to a nonhuman creature occurs to prepare the soul for a human form again, to humble the soul or reconnect with nature. Also this new form will bring the joy of new relationships, new experiences, and new wisdom and insight. Many of which are not experience able in a human life. Such as walking on all fours naturally and sleeping upside down from a tree.
Why it is this a must? This is a must due to the indestructible quality of the soul and that it is ever growing. To continue to grow the soul must continue to exist within a physical body. Even based on science and the belief in the soul, rebirth is a must as well due to the laws of thermodynamics. The law of thermodynamics is as follows: Energy cannot be created or destroyed- it can only change form. The body goes about changing forms as it degrades with the earth and the soul does so by entering a new body. The soul leaves the body at the time of bodily...

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