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The Sound Of The Music Made Everyone Dance: Chapters 1 And 2

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Chapter 1: John and Cassandra’s Old Dance Steps
I remember when the dictator ruled the land. The quiet was awkward and there was no music. Music had been banned. The streets were empty, some people remembered dancing the night away. Had tapes, records, and CD’s hidden in their attic. That every once in a while when no could see they would pull out, look into the vinyl, scan the back of the paper cover, remembering the twist, tangos and slides of years past. The feel of your partner guiding you across the floor or you leading your lady. Now there was long hours of work and all or most free time was spent working. No one dared say it, though they thought it often. Remember, when you danced the night away and you felt so much better. Whatever problems you had. It became our vice and did no harm to anyone nor ourselves. No excessive drinking or fighting, just dancing and everyone got into it. No one dared even remember because the soldiers that stood on every corner made sure they didn’t. You could feel the music in their hearts but no one was going to give their life for a step or a song. Everyone used to dance and you couldn’t stop the rhythm. Waiting for that one day someone would take that boom box outside and begin blasting the track from the past that made us want to step, but not this now socially barren and desolate land.

As John looked out the window, morning had come and he watched the sun rise beautifully with shades of yellow and red and purple the draped the sky like the stripes of the American Flag. His one main goal was to win over Cassandra Hughes who was married to the basketball player who was always at an away game. He was in an international league she was getting lonely. Every night she’d cuddle up with her Zane novel and after reading a little more than a chapter, fell asleep on the couch of her mansion. The bed had grown cold and she couldn’t fathom how to warm the space he used to sleep in. They got married five years and Derrick Fisher and John had been cool since birth. That was the way it was in this town you had to be famous to be called by two names and few people had nicknames. She ha d came over to John’s house many times before, barely dressed, giving any excuse to come in. “ I found this CD from our wedding”. She had run over here in tears. I aimed to console her , but I thought about my friend and the fact that his wife was deeply in love with him. I knew I could take his wife, in her weakened state. So I did the only thing I could do, which was to grab the only CD player I had out the attic. it was a portable CD Player , thank God because my boom box would have blasted the noise about a block. That just how quiet it had gotten. Even if you couldn’t hear the song, you could feel the vibration. As we split the headset ear to ear, the sweet sounds of 90’s R&B began to draw us closer and closer. Thinking that If I kissed this girl we would get caught up. Lit some candle and ran a bath, before they had been married...

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