The Sounds Of Deteriorations Essay

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In life music can be used to relate to peoples feelings. From the style of music to the rhythm and many other elements music can be used to help show things that should be related and certain feeling of happiness, sadness, hopelessness, and many others. In the play A Streetcar Named Desire music and sounds helps relate parts of Blanches life to help portray the feelings she has had in her life. The sounds of the trains, varsouviana music, and the blue piano may seem irrelevant at one moment but as multiple scenes include these sounds can reveal a hidden meaning and help provide foreshadowing in the continuation of reading the play. The sounds do not only show that life is not always what you hope it will be but, also shows how sometimes people who may need help in life can go throughout life with these pleads of help being unanswered. Causing a ‘snow ball’ effect that can lead to a break down. In the play A Streetcar Named Desire music and sounds used in the play help show Blanche’s feelings and her continued pleas of help that go unanswered.
In the play A Streetcar Named Desire Blanche is living with her sister (Stella) and Stanley (Stella’s husband). They are all living in an apartment that is located right next to a set of train tracks. The consistent sound of train tracks can seem common only in this case represents the idea of the truth coming out about Blanches past shinning light on the idea that things may not be what they seem. Blanche is talking to Mitch about her Allen Grey ( Blanche’s husband) and how he dies when, “A locomotive is heard approaching”(96). The train is heard right before she tells exactly how he had died. Just like a train this news can be viewed as a huge shock that continues through out the story just like it has for her life. This guilt she has because of her actions and what has happened in result of them is always coming and going with each thing that reminds her of the time. Just like her life is now with her pleas of help to her sister that goes unnoticed but with time will be as big and as loud as a train and it will be too late to help. The physical toll it has on her is shown when, “She claps her hands to her ears and crouches over”(96) as though to say that in life certain thing with time become hard to not acknowledge in life or to act as though it has not happened like the relationship between Allen Grey and his older friend. Just like in life there comes a moment when Blanche must admit what happened because of what she says, “boy I had married broke away from me… A few moments later- a shot”(96). This truth though may not want to be what she wants to believe did happen and so she must admit what she has done. Just as in life things might happen that people do not want to think about and do not want to admit but must because with time the guilt can be as big as a train and be blaring to come out. For Blanche truth may not always be what she wants to believe but is also something she must acknowledge and...

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