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The Source

There was once a man named Xavier who was caught stealing, and was asked how did you injure your arm, as he walked towards the Guillotine. He later replied, " It all started when my village was getting burned, people were crying for forgiveness. But they didn't care all they wanted was to conquer and to kill lives of those who starved and screamed for freedom. I knew there was going to be many to die this night, but I had to keep it calm knowing that it is up to me to make a difference, and that's when it all began ……….war against those who slowly killed the lives of innocents. Tan, Tan It's time to get pay back, wait a moment, there is an army needed, which was not in the my hands, but soon it was going to be in my possession. Slowly the man gathered ammunition day after day until it was enough to create his army of brave soldiers just like himself. Time passed wisely until their conquerors plan was near perfection then it could be said that they have succeeded.

Time was wasting and we had not found the Source to make all of our plans possible, but we didn't give up we searched and searched until we were weak knowing that they were loosing patience with one another which could start a big problem. This could bring chaos to moving trying to make something happen which village in which very few people lived in. I didn't give up I kept on was far away from occurring. The next morning strange, yet abnormal human beans arrived looking for a Source, asking me if I knew about it. I said, "No", but they knew I was lying because it was the same one I was looking for. The source is called " The Power on how to control MAGIC".
They quickly surrounded me, and clobbered me right in the face. I screamed for help but my people couldn't hear me I knew we were loosing hope. We didn't have time to loose any. Moments later as I was brutally carried to their portal I heard my soldiers screaming towards me, and there they were coming to rescue me. I quickly elbowed the creature right on the face showing him who I was. He understood by the way he looked at me in the eyes as I sent him and his crew through the portal.

Later, that solemn night, I stood there with my best companion talking on whether or not to enter the portal, or to try finding the source in the forest. We stood until we got are answer which was entering the dark forest.

The next gloomy night was normal just like any other we gathered some wood made a small fire to keep us warm but we still stayed kind of cold. It wasn't nothing I mean we have survived the abnormal humans why not nature so we decided to move on. As we were walking we saw a small green glow inside a cave and walked towards it. As we arrived it was a green diamond that we have never seen before so we knew it was rare and it also had inscribed letters near the bottom. The words seemed to be Greek or even Roman we weren't to sure but we were anxious to find out. So we grabbed it all of a...

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