The Source Of Equality For All Human Kind

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The main purpose of a government is to protect the well being of its residents. Sex, drugs, gambling, discrimination and fraud are some of the factors that that threaten the well being of the citizens of any government. The first time these "taboos" were broken, citizens realized a need of enforcement to protect the rights of others. Thus, government was born. Obviously, no government can guarantee that the rights of citizens will be protected at all times. Government as a whole, needs to take a step back and notice that they have been enforcing the rights of citizens roughly in the same for the past two thousand years without much improvement. To prove this statement, Christ was persecuted ...view middle of the document...

The government needs to take part in the societies youth. If "we" begin to educate the teachings of right and wrong to the youth of society and not enforce it, it may not have a immediate affect because of working from the bottom up, but will pay off in the long run.To do this, we need to have the local government inform of the problems to the regional government and so on until it reaches the federal government. This will help the federal government on what is needed to be done to successfully achieve utopia. Local governments have just as large of a responsibility as the regional or supreme government because without impacting that certain community it leaves it vulnerable to corruption. The job of the local government is to personally interact with local residents. Local governments will need to educate all residents of the rights and wrongs and how everyone should be respected with the same amount. Almost as if it were propaganda.The job of the regional government is to take all this data on weaknesses in certain areas of each local government and to help promote equality and peace even at a larger scale. The regional government will help to support all of the local governments in its own areas. With those findings (of weaknesses,) its needed to inform the federal government and how they should approach the matter. The job of the federal government is to help decide the best "plan of action" for each regional Page 3 government. Before any "plan of action" is committed, it will need the permission by the supreme government. If this is committed world wide to the full extent, without any lenience given, violence and...

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