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The Causes Of Poor Productivity Within Large Organizations

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The Causes of Poor Productivity Within Large Organizations

Productivity is the degree of output achieved in relation to a certain
level of input. For example, in a call centre environment,
productivity would be seen as the number of telephone calls answered
per hour by a certain number of staff. The telephone calls are the
output and the staff available to take the calls are the input.

In order to improve productivity, one of the following has to occur:
The level of input is decreased however the level of output remains
the same, or, the level of output increases but the level of input
remains the same. In relation to the example of the call centre, this
would mean reducing the number of staff available to answer the phone
but yet the remaining staff would still have to answer the same number
of calls, i.e. they would have to answer more calls each to compensate
for the decrease in staff. Or the other way to increase productivity
in a call centre would be to keep the same number to staff available
to take customer calls but the number of calls being answered in total
would have to increase.

Productivity is a major issue within any organisation but especially
call centres. Call centres do try to forecast the number of calls they
expect everyday and allocate resources accordingly to deal with these
pressures, however there are still thousands of calls abandoned (where
the customer hangs up before even getting through to an advisor) each
and every day, this is sometimes referred to as "call leakage". This
is a growing problem for call centres across the country and it is
surprising the amount of customers who will take their business
elsewhere simply because they cant get through on the phone as they
see it as poor customer service. In many cases it isn't feasible for
staff numbers to be increased in order to cope with the call volumes
that are being received and so the only solution to reducing the call
leakage is to increase the productivity of the existing staff. Working
in a call centre environment myself I appreciate that this is a very
challenging task as call centre agents generally feel overworked and
underpaid already and trying to get more work out of them will be
difficult. However my research into call centre life has thrown up
some issues surrounding the task of increasing staff performance in
order for your business to work smarter. My research examines the
possibility of reward systems as a means of increasing productivity,
how call centre staff view their own roles and changes they would like
to see in order to help them perform better

During my research I searched the Emerald website to find relevant
journal articles to assist my studies. I came across an interesting
one called " An exploration of managerial issues in call centres" by

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