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The South High Field Hockey Game

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As we pass from mid-August when we sweat uncontrollably from scrimmaging, into the late frigid October air when the morning frost lays heavy on the grass, and the school routine has set in - the thought of going to practice after school has some how worn thin. Just when we think we’re nearing the end of our day, we realize it is not over yet! This is the time we begin asking ourselves “why am I doing this again?” Today is the day we come to know all those grueling practices are well worth it – it’s quarter finals! This is what our whole season is about and I remember it like it was yesterday…
The bus ride was long and tedious, with no sarcastic comments or word on the latest pre-calculus test that had our averages on the line. Upon arrival, everyone hesitated before getting off the bus and walking into the ice box- the outside world. The field was green with fresh white lines. The South High field hockey team, along with the South High fans, who had on war paint, were there. By the time we reached the edge of the field waves of excitement and tension were flowing between us. The opposing South High team had already gathered near the circle on their side of the field shouting out their war cries. Our captain turned around at that moment and said “ hasn't been done in 40 years girls, so let’s break the curse!”
By the time the first half was over the score was 1-1. No one spoke during half time, and now it was time for me to go in. “Everything...

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