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The Spanish American War Essay

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The Spanish-American war was believed to be progressing over some time back in the 1800’s. There were several problems that contributed to the beginning of the war that had severe impact on several different people, places, governments, and possessions. In the paper I will be dissecting each impact and controversy that both led up the war, that happened during the war, and the reasons and consequences behind the actions that were taken before during and after it. The war itself had begun on April 25, 1898 when the U.S decided to take action on Spain after the destruction of the Battleship Maine in Havana harbor on February 15, 1898. Following the war a treaty was signed called the “treaty ...view middle of the document...

People of Spain believed the spreading of communities and faith as one of their major objectives and attributes to the New World. The perception that social unity granted great importance on Cuba, which ultimately had been apart of Spain for over 400 hundred years and an essential part of its nation. Following the Spanish-American War, it was pointed out that all of the focus that was implemented to preserve the empire would have an overall negative effect and cost many people there lives. This was the overall attitude directed towards Spains colonies during the time period.
In the year 1823, American president James Monroe had shown great interest in stopping the European government from colonizing land of interfering with States in the Americas. Right around the time of the Civil War, it was believed that the U.S. had intentions of purchasing Cuba and turning it into Slave territory. This evidently failed and from here on the attention was directed to that of the Civil War. Following the United States had refocused their attention on that of a Canal in Nicaragua, which they believed needed protection. Behind these actions was none other then Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan and he also had full support from Theodore Roosevelt. Since the U.S. was known for there powerful fleet in the years of 1890’s the problem of successfully implementing these actions seen to be little for them. Roosevelt was the Assistant Secretary of the Navy and was a huge supporter of the war between Spain and Cuba.
Cuba had long strived to find its own independence and separate from Spain. During the years from 1868-1878, Cubans were called mambises, which were classified as guerilla fighters who were seeking sovereignty from Spain. The result of this ending in a treaty signing that had never taken action was basically nulled. Later on in the 1890s once again Cuba was fighting for its freedom led by Jose Marti. He established the Cuban Revolutionary Party in the United States. Eventually returning to Cuba for the First weeks of armed struggle Marti was killed on May 19th 1895.
Puerto Rico during this time had also developed many political parties to possibly look for independence for the islands, while others looked to partner with the U.S like Cuba. Spain proclaimed the Independence of Puerto Rico without them knowing for over a years time from 1897-98 and eventually a new government established in 1898.
The Spanish-American war itself as stated before began on April 25, 1898. The Teller Amendment was added to assure that the United States would not establish control over Cuba. Following this Commodore George Dewey traveled from Hong Kong with Emilio Aguinaldo. In the Philippine islands combat had begun which was called the “Battle of Manila Bay,” on May 1. This was the day that George Dewey gave the go ahead chant proclaiming that the battle has begun when he Stated “You may fire when ready, Gridley.” Evidently the Spanish fleet was destroyed shortly after. The...

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