The Spanish Civil War Of 1936

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The Spanish Civil War of 1936The Spanish revolution of 1936 initiated during the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. The Spanish Civil War was a major contest in Spain that started from a failed coup d’etat by a part of the army against the legitimate government of the Second Spanish Republic.Spain had encountered several civil wars and revolts in the previous century, caused by the reformists and the conservatives who attempted to displace each other from power. The reformists’ goal was to get rid of the absolutist monarchy in the country, which would end the old regime and create a new model of state. The conservatives tried to stop these reforms and sustain the monarchy. The followers of Infante Carlos who were known as “Carlists,” fought in the Carlist Wars against liberalism and later republicanism in order to keep the Spanish tradition of absolutism and Catholicism. These wars and the founding of the First Spanish Republic in 1873 started to establish tendencies in the Spanish concept of the state that, along with other reasons, would later climax in the Civil War of 1936.On February 16th of 1936 a progressive Popular Front government (composed of liberals, Socialists, and Communists) was elected. To upset the conservatives, immediately after the election the Popular front released all left-wing political prisoners, introduced agrarian reform that penalized the land aristocracy, transferred right-wing military leaders like Francisco Franco to posts outside of Spain, outlawed the Falange Espanol, and gave Catalonia political and administrative sovereignty. On the 10th May 1936 the conservative Niceto Alcala Zamora was ousted as president and replaced by the left-wing Manuel Azaña. Soon afterwards Spanish Army officers, including Emilio Mola, Francisco Franco and José Sanjurjo, began plotting to overthrow the Popular Front government (1936 Elections, 1).During this time Spain had two distinct military forces, the Peninsular Army and the Army of Africa. The Peninsular Army had roughly three times the men of the Army of Africa; however they were not well trained and over a third of them were on leave at the beginning of the war. The superior Army of Africa consisted of the Spanish Army units stationed in Morocco. July 17th, 1936, General Francisco Franco took command of this army and organized a military rebellion against the Popular Front government. The military that expected a quick victory and a swift takeover of the entire country, did not predict what happened next. The Spanish people broke into barracks, took up arms, and defeated the rebellion in essential areas like the cities of Barcelona and Madrid. Realizing they had underestimated the Spanish people, the military appealed to fascist dictatorships in Portugal, Italy, and Germany. Soon after, they were provided with men and supplies by Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, and Antonio Salazar.The initial battles in the field were over the mountain passes...

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3997 words - 16 pages Madrid to fall at any moment to the Nationalists, the Republican Government moved to Valencia. A Defence Junta, under the leadership of General Jose Miaja, was established to organise the last-ditch defence of Madrid.8th - 23rd November 1936THE BATTLE FOR MADRIDThe Nationalists were now poised to make an all-out attack on Madrid in the hope of capturing the Spanish capital and thus ending the war. The forces at their disposal were led by General

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2685 words - 11 pages (December 5, 1936): 3-10. Accessed March 1, 2014. 25639601. Little, Douglas. "Red Scare, 1936: Anti-Bolshevism and the Origins of British Non-Intervention in the Spanish Civil War." Journal of Contemporary History 23, no. 2 (April 1988): 291-311. Accessed March 1, 2014. New York Times (New York, NY). "European Powers Push Rescue Move." July 25, 1936. Accessed

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1041 words - 4 pages Z3422283 - Kerry TangZHSS3219 - Special Studies (History) II (Spanish Civil War)Primary Source AnalysisFyrth, Jim and Alexander, Sally, Women's Voices from the Spanish Civil War, Lawrence and Wishart, 2008. Word count (1047)When the Spanish Civil War broke out, within the first months, women were recruited into the Popular Front militias, and face uncertain circumstances. The position of women in Spain was a flashpoint of political conflict

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1383 words - 6 pages a common cause. The war lasted only four months but over 4,000 deaths most for disease that resulted in a victory over the great Spanish Empire. By the 1890s, Spain had lost all its New World colonies. The islands of Puerto Rico and Cuba were all the remained of the Spain possessions in America, and the Philippines, in the Pacific. Spain once ruled a great global empire. As civil wars opposed Spanish authority, many colonies broke free.(Cambell

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931 words - 4 pages the Spanish because they had an army of 400,000 men and we only had only 28,000 men, but this changed after congress declared war. The national guard got 1million recruits during the war, this was the highest ever.In the war there were two generals from the Civil War. These guys are William Shaft who weighed 320 pounds. He had to get a special tub and had to be hoisted up onto his horse. The other one is Joe Weeles. This man was a little

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1049 words - 4 pages "You furnish the pictures, and I'll furnish the war!" That quote is one of many that are identified with the Spanish-American War. The Spanish-American War in 1898 was a manipulated war by forces of the New York press, imperialistic supporters and independence-minded humanitarians to achieve its goal of pushing America head long into conflict with Spain and inevitably place America on the world stage of imperialism.To begin with, we are lead to

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2811 words - 11 pages , New York), 1969, p. 262 Preston, P. The Spanish Civil War: An Illustrated Chronicle 1936-39 (Grove Press, Inc., New York), 1986, p. 12.3 Payne, S.G. The Spanish Revolution (W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., New York), 1970, p. 17.4 Jellinek, F. The Civil War in Spain (Howard Fertig, New York), 1969, p. 89.5 Preston, p. 13.6 Encyclopedia Britannica Vol. 28 (Encyclopedia Britannica Inc., Chicago), 1985, p. 55.7 De Madariaga, S. Spain: A Modern

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