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The Special Effects Of Life Essay

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Multimedia art and animation is an occupation that has been described as creating animations and visual effects for television, movies, video games, and other forms of media. It can be challenging to both the mind and body of the artist or animator, but it can be very rewording to them. This form of artist offers multiple options that can suit a wide variety of animators and artist alike.
Multimedia is fairly new to the world when compared to the history of many other professions. Though it isn’t known when being a multimedia artist truly started, however many believe that it all began with the Pong, the first true video game. Though as simple as it is today, it was almost evolutionary to the people in its time period. Playing games on the television would have been crazy talk back in the 1950’s, but Ralph Baer believed it to be possible. His job was creating television sets, but he had found that too easy and wanted to create something that not even his boss had thought possible ( His idea is simple for today’s time, playing games on the television set. By accomplishing his goal, it can be said the he is not only the inventor of the video game, but it could also be said that he is the first multimedia artist and animator.
The multimedia occupation has been receiving mixed feelings about itself over the few years it has truly existed, however those who were beginning it knew that it would take time and patience to create their masterpieces. It can be said that Georges Melies is the father of special effects. In his day, movie directors had not even thought of such an idea, or believed that it just wasn’t possible to do. He, by accident, created a new technique that he called, “stop-action.” Using this new stop-action technique, he was able to create visual effects for movies as Cinderella, to create and show her rags turning into a beautiful gown and the turning of a pumpkin into a stage coach ( He was the first to use not only those techniques, but also the techniques such as fading in and fading out of scenes to create a smooth transition that would not only be pleasant to the viewer, but also amaze them.
The profession of creating multimedia arts and animation is one that can offer a large variety of jobs. The skills that an artist or animator may need can, and most likely will, are dependent on the specific job that they are in or wish to be in. In the end however, most artists have one common goal, and that is to satisfy their viewer and audience. Although there are many different and specific areas an artist or animator can get into, there are some general skills that are recommended to be had for any position. These skills include being able to think creatively while developing original thoughts; have communication skills so that they and their team can work and respond well to not only each other but feedback and criticism as well; having some...

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