The Special Successful Pattern Of Urban Outfitters

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1. IntroductionIn Urban Outfitters flagship store of Philadelphia, manager Laura O'Conner is showing a skirt which printed with pattern of sheep to customers. What is worth showing off is not that this skirt has any unique place in the design but the material of this skirt. It comes from a sheet.This Urban Outfitters flagship shop attracts a lot of young people every week. It is only a very rational excuse to buy the clothes. In fact what they really want to see is that this shop has anything novel this week. Urban Outfitters never let them down all the time. This week, all the wall paper is took on an entirely new look, changed the sporting page of the newspaper in the men's clothing department of the store. It is pink to spread the blinding one. The ornamental jewels meet the eye on every side. Laura is very proud at her idea. This must attribute to her visit of a museum in Prague. In her view, people who come to the store will realize that it is actually like seeking the treasure to do shopping in Urban Outfitters. Therefore, though customers can buy the same articles in other shops, they would rather go to Urban Outfitters, because they are unable to have the experience of the fun of exploring the treasure in the other stores [1].Urban Outfitters, Inc., a lifestyle merchandising company, operates specialty retail stores in the United States, Europe, and Canada. The company was co-founded by Richard A. Hayne and Scott A. Belair in 1970 and is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It operates through two segments, Retail and Wholesale. The Retail segment consists of Urban Outfitters stores, which offer women's and men's fashion apparel, footwear, and accessories, as well as an eclectic mix of apartment wares and gifts, including rugs, pillows, shower curtains, books, candles, and novelties; Anthropologie stores, which provide women's casual apparel and accessories, and gifts and decorative items, as well as home furnishings, such as furniture, rugs, lighting, antiques, table top items, bedding, and gifts; and Free People retail stores that offers casual women's apparel, accessories, and gifts. The segment stores offer merchandise through the company's direct-to-consumer operations, which consist of a catalog and Web site. The Wholesale segment consists of its Free People wholesale division, which designs, develops, and markets young women's contemporary casual apparel. It offers tops, bottoms, sweaters, and dresses worldwide through department and specialty stores. As of January 31, 2006, the company operated approximately 90 Urban Outfitters, 79 Anthropologie, and 6 Free People stores, 3 catalogs and 3 Web sites.The dress chain store of Urban Outfitters is one of the most dazzling stars in the U.S.A. retails. In the past 5 years, the annual business income of the company increased averagely at the speed of 30%, 51% of growth in earnings that opened last year, up to 830 million dollars. Net income has increased by 87% even more, up to 91...

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