The Spectacles Wearing Roommate Essay

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Seventeen year old Sylvia Richardson was trying to get her suitcase packed; of course, this would only happen if only she could control the trembling of her hands and the wild beating of her heart. She kept thinking, ‘How was it possible that I am so blessed?’ She had just been to the Miss Thompson’s office and had been informed that she was going to join a prestigious all-girls boarding school in London. This was due to the influence of one of the members of the school’s Board of Trustees; and who was also one of the sponsors of the Ashwood Home For Girls, the orphanage where Sylvia lived. The sponsor, Lady Elizabeth Montgomery, had taken a particular interest in Sylvia, though Miss ...view middle of the document...

The rooms of the hostel, where she was to stay, had single or double occupancy rooms. Lady Montgomery led her to the Director’s office, where she was interviewed and advised about what would be expected from her. Generally, the tuition for this school could only be afforded by well-to-do families, but because of Lady Montgomery’s influence, Sylvia would not have to worry about this. All that was expected of her was to put in the amount of effort that was commensurate with the trust being placed in her.
Lady Montgomery, or Lady Elizabeth, as she insisted on being called, asked her if she was feeling alright. Sylvia squared her shoulders, took a deep breath and said that by the grace of God, she would be fine. Lady Elizabeth smiled, ‘You will be, His angels are there to protect you.’ Sylvia, turning to her to express her gratitude, stopped. Tears were rolling down Lady’s Elizabeth cheeks. Sylvia, feeling embarrassed about having witnessed something as intensely private as that, pretended to be interested in a couple of Cubist paintings, the head or tail of which she could not make out. Lady Elizabeth, not realizing that Sylvia had seen her, took Sylvia’s hands in hers and pressed them tightly. She then hugged her very tightly and kissed her forehead, then let her go, remembering herself. Sylvia, now faint with shock, had to steady herself because of this unwonted display of affection. Murmuring a goodbye, Lady Elizabeth took her leave after showing her the way to the Matron’s office.
The matron who was busy with the incoming registrations, introduced herself and said, ‘I am sorry I would not be able to show you your room, but Lisa here will take you there. These are the keys to your room.’ Lisa turned to her and smiled, ‘I am the head-girl of this school, Lisa Newton, and I will be showing you the ropes of this place. If you need anything, you can always ask me. Come; let me show you to your room.’ Sylvia numbly followed her. They walked down to the hallway to the stairs, and then went up the stairs to the top floor. ‘This is the room you will be staying in. Hope you have a wonderful stay here.’ she said opening the door to one of the rooms and left. Sylvia despite feeling very tired after all of what transpired, was able to appreciate the spaciousness of the room. It was very comfortable too. She noticed two beds and thought, ‘Oh, I have a roommate, I wonder what type of person she is.’ Placing her suitcase on one of the two tables, she noticed a pair of spectacles sitting on the other table. Walking toward the table, she took the spectacles and put...

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