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The Speed Of Reaction. Essay

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Step 1 – Remove blazer and put goggles on for health and safety reasons.

Step 2 – Collect the following equipment –
Thermometer – to check the temperate
Conical flask – to hold acid
1 litre breaker – contain water
Measuring cylinders x2 50ml 25ml
Blanco – to weight out the marble chips
Marble chips CaCO3 – which react with Hydrochloric acid
Stopwatch – to time when the reaction starts
Delivery tube – to pass the air
Camp stand – to hold the equipment
Boson – it heats up the water
Tripod – to hold the beaker at a certain height that has the most heat
Ice – to cool down the water of a certain temperate
Test tube holder – so you don’t burn your hand and it is safe.

Step 3 – Set up all the equipment.

A- Clamp Stand. B- Measuring tube (25ml) C- Delivery tube
D- Conical flask E- Reaction “what’s happening” F- Thermometer
G- Beaker H- Boson I- Tripod
J- Water K- 1 litre beaker

Step 4- My partner weighed the marble chips on the Balance, the amount we used was 1g.

Step 5- I poured the Hydrochloric acid into the 50ml measuring tube, the amount we used was 40ml.

Step 6- I filled the measuring tube with water and put my thumb over the top and press hard so there was no air in it.

Step 7- I filled the large beaker up with water and placed it near the clamp stand.

Step 8- I used the measuring tube and turned it over and put it in the beaker which has water in it then made sure there was no air trapped in the measuring tube.

Step 9- Make sure the delivery tube is fitted so the air that been created by the marble goes in the tube and not in the air.

Step 10- pour the Hydrochloric into the Conical flask then put the marble chips in, when the reaction takes place start the timer and close the lid tightly so the air is being delivered correctly.

Step 11- Watch the measuring tube and wait till the bubbles or air reaches to a target then stop the timer and take notes of the time and record it in the table.

Heating the Hydrochloric above room temperature: Before taking step 10. Heat up the Hydrochloric and then keep checking the temperature by using the thermometer, when the temperature is right then take Step 10.

Cooling the Hydrochloric below room temperature: Before taking step 10, collect the ice and put it in a small beaker and use the test tube to put it in between the ice and keep checking the temperature by using the thermometer, when the is right then take step 10.

My Aim

I am going to investigate whether the temperature affects the speed of reaction.


Collision Theory
In all reactions particles hit together. The atom must hit to make new particles. To this I must be able to increase the temperature so that the reaction becomes faster. Chemical reaction only happen when...

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