The Sports Of Fishing Essay

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The Sports of Fishing

Fishing, or angling, is the sport of trying to catch fish with a rod, reel, line and baited hooks. The sport goes back thousands of years, and it appears that fishing techniques were already quite advanced at a very early date. In the Stone Age, hooks made of both bone and stone were used to catch fish, but spearing, a more primitive method, was probably just as common. An engraving from an ancient Egyptian tomb shows that all four methods of fishing-that is, with spears, nets, rods, and lines-were in use as early as 2000BC. The Ancient Greek Poet Homer, Writing in about 800BC, also refers to the bronze hooks and horse-hair lines used by anglers. A very old fishing hook found in Britain is thought to date from about 500BC and was dug out of the Thames River in Essex (Jarman, 4). Fishing has been enjoyed for thousands of years and must incorporate three aspects: fishing equipment, style, and location to acquire a fishing success.
In order to fish you need to obtain the proper equipment: a rod, bait, and a few other accessories. The fishing rod is the most basic necessity to begin fishing. Although a fishing rod cannot be called a fishing rod unless there is a reel attached to the butt (handle) otherwise it is called a fishing pole. Most rods today are made from either hollow or solid glass-fiber (or graphite, sometimes-called carbon). The pole is divided into three parts the butt, middle, and the tip, so that they can be taken apart and carried very easily. From the butt, where the reel is attached, the rod tapers down to the reel. The beginner should consider a pole of the maximum length that they can handle (Jarman, 41). I would suggest that a beginner should use a medium to stiff action pole for starting out. The reel is another much needed part of equipment that one should have to fish. A reel may hold up to or more than 100 feet a monofilament line, and it enables one to let out more line while dealing with a very large fish. Reels will come in three different sorts: casting, open-face or spinning, and a closed-face. The open-face and or closed-face are the most suitable for the beginners. When choosing a reel one should remember that if you are left-handed you should buy a right-handed wind reel and vice versa (Jarman, 42).
Today the artificial lure is the bait that is used worldwide; ranging from as small as 1/8 inch long and 1/90 of an ounce in weight, or as large as 14 inches and weighing up to 4 ounces. In the world of lures, there are thousands placed into three different groups-spinners, spoons, and plugs. Spinners are torpedo-shaped lures that come in a multitude of colors, that spin as they are pulled through the water. Spoons are just that, handleless metal spoons that wobble as they dart through the water imitating the movement of small fish. Plugs are imitation plastic fish that vary in size and shape. When choosing a plug one needs to keep in mind that the one with the most...

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