The Spotted Bat Essay

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Picture a small delicate creature with a contrasting patch on each shoulder, white at the base of the ears and two huge pink ears. This creature is the spotted bat, also known as the pinto bat. It usually weighs sixteen to twenty grams with a total length of one hundred seven to one hundred fifteen millimeters. Its classification is Animalia Craniata Mammalia Chiroptera Vespertilionidae Euderma maculatum. (
The spotted bat can be found in western North America: southern California east to New Mexico and from Montana south to Mexico. It?s most commonly found in habitats dominated by Utah juniper and sagebrush, sometimes intermixed with limber pine or Douglas-fir, or in grassy meadows in ponderosa pine savannah. Cliffs, rocky outcrops, and water are other attributes of sites where spotted bats have been located. Spotted bats roost in caves, and in cracks in cliffs and canyons, with which this species is consistently associated. The spotted bat can crawl with ease on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. There is a possibility that these bats migrate south for the winter, but there is no direct evidence of migratory movements. At least for lower elevations, spotted bats appear not to migrate. (
This species of bat is insectivorous, feeding primarily on moths and sometimes beetles. As with most bats, the spotted bat uses high-pitched echolocation calls, insect-like clicking sounds that are audible to humans, to hunt their prey. Typically, the spotted bat hunts alone, and at least sometimes appears to maintain exclusive foraging areas. Neighboring bats have shown evidence of avoidance and...

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