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As I made my way down the street to The Art of Dr. Seuss on Geary Street near Union Square, I reminisced about Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as the alias ‘Dr. Seuss.’ I recalled a certain memory dating back to my elementary years in which it was a cold, foggy morning. I remember I had told my mother that I wanted to leave for school early to have breakfast at the cafeteria; to my surprise, they were serving green eggs and ham. Naïve as can be I wondered why the food that was about to consumed was of unnatural color and therefore refused to eat my breakfast. As the school bell rang I rushed to class and told my teacher about my unusual experience with an empty stomach, and instead of ...view middle of the document...

There are two path ways that can be seen clearly, with the creature positioned under the arch that connects with a pathway of pouring water. On the left side of one arch are uneven striped lines. The direction from which the water came is unknown. Light brush strokes of gray leads to an outline of the grand volcano, towering the creatures’ presence, making it appear inferior. To the left of the creature and volcano is another pathway not like the one neighboring; this one has arches over staircase, but it’s blocked by a set of standing stones. Next to the deer creature is a plant with leaves like an octopus growing from what appears to be a rock.
As I drew my attention to the childlike handwriting near the bottom of the painting, I couldn’t help but wonder why Geisel would sign his alias instead of his birth given name. As I tried to think of reasons to answer my own question, I believe Geisel signed the painting as ‘Dr. Seuss’ because his alter ego expressed someone he could not be. Dr.Seuss, like many of Theodor Seuss Geisel’s made believe characters, was similarly imaginative. To children who read his children books, Dr. Seuss was real, but to adults, he was no more than a name. Adults are often lost in the realities of the world to have the creative imagination that many artists and children had that allowed them to bring Dr.Seuss and other various characters to life. To Geisel, his creations were as real as you and me. He found comfort in them and relied on them to help him get through tough times, times he felt he could not talk to anyone else but his own alter ego. Each artwork spoke as if it had its own voice, and with these thoughts Geisel had, he was able to get lost in his own world, creating the towns and citizens of his own thoughts. I directed my attention to the side of the wall where the name of the painting was found—The Stag at Eve. It was made clear that the creature I had spent the last forty-five minutes with was indeed Geisel’s style of a regular stag in the darkness of the night. Discovering that the piece was from Geisel’s secret art collection that was found after this death, I thought about why he’d want to hide a painting that described such emotion. I came to the conclusion that he hid it for that reason. Dr. Seuss was known for his bright one or two colored style and unique characters. In this painting, he still kept his signature style, highlighting specific elements with color, while the background remained shades of black and gray.
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