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A social movement is a group of people who are organized to resist or promote a social change (Henslin, 2012). Many social movements die out over time and it may take generations for that to happen. Some like abortion have started many generations ago and are still around today with no signs of the movement ending anytime soon. Abortion has two sides: pro-life and pro-choice. This essay explains the five different stages of a social movement and the opposing sides of abortion.
The five stages of a social movement are initial unrest and agitation, resource mobilization, organization, institutionalization, and decline and death (Henslin, 2012). The first stage is where most social movements ...view middle of the document...

Abortion has reached the fourth stage, but has not yet reached the final stage even though generations have passed. Pro-choice doctors believe that they are helping their patients by aborting their child (Young, 2009). A man named George Tiller was a doctor who would helped women at any stage in life: old, young, rape victims, incest, etc. and at any trimester (Young, 2009). One patient he had was a nine year old girl who was raped by her father, but since she was too far along, no other doctor would perform the abortion (Young, 2009). Tiller says, “Abortion is a matter of survival for women” and that is one reason a person believes pro-choice (Young, 2009). Another is that if abortion is legalized, there will be a decline of unwanted births which will help the problem of too many children placed in foster care (Levine, 2004). Pro-life believes that abortion is murder and censures abortion under any condition (Strickler & Danigelis, 2002). The pro-life movement sees abortion as an issue if the sanctity of human life, and of morality (Strickler & Danigelis, 2002).
This essay explains the five different stages of a social movement and the...

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