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The Stages Of The Star Crossed Lovers Love

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In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, many themes are provided in the text to help move the plot line along. Such themes include (INSERT THEME TOPICS). The number one theme which stands out most in some minds is love conquers all. Romeo and Juliet regardless of the feud, which their families are wrapped up in, continue to love one another, no matter what. Whether its puppy love, at first, Romantic love, in the middle, or true love, towards the end, they never seem to give up on the idea of love, although it is forbidden. In The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, love is a recurring theme, not only in the beginning, but throughout the entire play.
When first introduced to Shakespeare creation of Romeo and Juliet, the audience is informed that Romeo is a Montague, and Juliet is a Capulet. At first, the couple is oblivious to the fact, that they are “in love” with the enemy. However, this does not change their feelings once they get to know each other. The first sign of Juliet showing Romeo she has strong feelings for him is when she allows him to kiss her. Not just once, but twice. This was not allowed, considering they had not known each other long, and she was only thirteen. The first sign that Romeo shows that he has fallen “in love” with Juliet, is when the balcony scene takes place. While Juliet is all alone, on the balcony, conversing with herself about Romeo, Romeo shows up, below the terrace. Juliet, is shocked by this, and cautions Romeo by telling him, that if he is caught, her kinsmen can, and will execute him. Nevertheless, Romeo does not leave Juliet right away. They chat for a little while, but then Romeo decides it would be best if he left. This is a perfect example, to show the Star-Crossed-Lovers puppy love for one another. Their love hasn’t blossomed into anything huge, yet, but it still shows that they care for one another.
As the play progresses, many other things occur which show how Romeo and Juliet truly feel for one another. Towards the middle of the play, Romeo and Juliet think it is a good idea to get married. Their only obstacle, when it comes to...

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