The Standards Zemurray Set For American Produce Companies Today

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Have you ever notice amount of produce of most fruits and vegetables. Even when are out of season? Local supermarkets produce sections are filled with fresh produce throughout the year, but these produce items are not always American grown but imported by definition Produce are agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables distinguished from grain and other staple crops (Webster). This definition makes the produce section a big business. The produce importing business can offer a lot of benefits to America, but can be tricky. This description of what produce importing business relates almost exactly with the biography of Sam Zemurray in Richard Cohen’s book The Fish That Eat the Whale. The banana man Sam Zemurrays’ business sets the standard for what benefits most produce Importing companies do today. Not only zemurray but produce as a whole.
Surprisely, one of the first benefits produce imports does is create jobs. These jobs are not just limited to the companies that import these produce, but jobs are also created in stores and in the Government. Examples of jobs created by produce imports in America starts in Richard Cohen’s Books before Sam Zemurray became known as the Banana Man. The first American jobs are found at the dock. The books States, “Sam’s pays close attention to everything- the care with which the bananas where taken and handled, the way each box car was filled and rolled to a siding, how the college moved crowd barking orders” (Cohen 19). There are two American jobs stated in the quote above. There Supervisors who keep check of how many bananas are loaded and thrown away. There is also a train driver who drives away with the cargo. There are few more jobs found on the same dock. These are the peddlers and the merchants who pick up the ripe bananas after the trains leave (Cohen 20). Now today even though the system is not quite the same. Companies that use produce imports still need transporters like the person that drive the train. Not only for brining the produce in to America, but also to ship them to stores. Another job similarity is the college men jobs now which are now known as The United States Department of Agriculture. These workers do not bark at the checkers and make sure the food is safe, but not directly usually. The USDA they set up standards for the companies who use produce imports. These are just a few standard jobs America from produce imports. (quote) (end paragraph).
In addition to these jobs can introduce money into our community and country. An example of one company is called Fair Trade USA. PR Newswire says, “Growth in the produce category enabled Fair Trade fresh produce farmer and farm workers to earn nearly $1.8 Million in community development premiums alone” (Imports). This is just one of the companies that gives back to...

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