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The Star Of Destiny Essay

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A worthy man like Andy was hard to find, that’s why I decided to go after him and live the rest of my life with a good man guiding me, but first I had to receive the tin box from the roots of the huge oak tree in Buxton. The journey all started here. It was the day I was released from Shaw shank prison; I began walking towards Buxton full of inspiration like an exuberant hot spring ejecting hot fresh water. Whilst I strolled eagerly towards my destination the gravel started dragging me down, making me think whether I was making the right decision. The trees swayed across as if they were warning me from something, but still with no hesitation I carried on walking swiftly. In a blink of an eye I found the oak tree and rushed to it as fast as a speeding bullet. The uneven rocks blocked my way of claiming the tin box, but as strong as a locomotive I cleansed the area of rocks and grabbed the tin box and hurtled away to the fresh green grass. I wrinkled my nose at the fetor from the oak tree. Within the air full of pollen, my hay fever became severe and my eyes started sweating, I peeled off one of my leather gloves and cautiously I unsealed the tin box. Pulling a small torch from my pocket, I opened the envelope and started reading the stained letter. In the letter, Andy stated that “if you’ve come this far, you’ll be willing to come a bit further” and I was going to go that extra mile for my best friend. Suddenly adrenaline started pumping through my veins as I finally knew that I was going to meet with my friend again. I stood up with pride and placed the money and the letter from Andy in my back pocket. My next destination was to get on the trail ways and off across the border.
I started wandering down the steep hill full of grass brim-full of passion. In the distance, I saw the corroded ticket office standing there lonely in the centre of my view. As I walked closer...

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