The Star Takes Their Own Life

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Life is but a play, sometimes it is a comedy and sometimes a drama. Most times the actors in the play are common and ordinary. They are not worthy of my talents. My life consist of many plays, all of which I am the playwright, the cast director, the stage director and the producer. The people I write my plays for are never common or ordinary. They are unique and very successful in whatever career they choose for themselves. I seek these people out. When I meet a person that falls into this category and I find them worthy, I write a play just for them. Once I choose them, they have no choice. I make them a star, I make them famous much to their dismay. Why their dismay you ask? That is simple, my plays are all true horror. They all end in tragedy, at least for the star and those around them. I teach them what true terror is all about. Why do I pick the unique and successful? I choose them because they have the most to lose. They have it all, right up until act one scene one, that's when I take over. From that point on, I control their lives. I decide what horror befalls them. I literally destroy them, inch by inch until they decide to end the play. The only way to end one of my plays, is for the star to take their own life.

Act one starts a horror that rocks their world. Then I give them plenty of time, however much time it takes, for them to start feeling safe again. Then comes act two and I rock their world once again. By act three the realization sets in and they know they will never be rid of me. They know that they will never be safe, nor will anyone they care about will be safe as long as they live. They usually take their own lives by the end of act four. I have written five such plays that has ended successfully by my star commenting suicide.
In the beginning it was easy to be anonymous, but all to soon my plays became infamous. Now my stars know all to soon what lies in store for them. Which I dare say takes some mystery out of it for them and a lot of the fun out of it for me.
I currently have two plays in progress. One play is known as (The Grimm's Reaper.) This particular play is on hold for now. It seems my star Trisha Yearborn, a writer of children's stories, had a nervous break down after only two acts. Act one and act two consisted of audio and video tapes of small children being tortured, I sent to her with notes attached. The first note said, I did this for you because you love children so much. The second note stated, “ The next child I
kill will be one of your own.”
I haven't decided which one it will be. I am kind of leaning toward sweet little

freckled face Melisa. I can just imagine how much fun it will be to take an oh so
tiny drop of acid and remove one or two freckles at a time, one day at a time. She has an awful lot of freckles, it will probably take me several days to remove them all. Then there is always rowdy little Randy to consider. Now...

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