The Truth Is Worth Living Essay

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It is 5:30 in the afternoon, when I stepped out of the school. The sun was setting and the sky was tinted dark orange. I was walking home, which was five blocks away from my house, feeling absolutely tired and perspiration falling from my forehead and rolling down my face. On my way home, I hear the people talking, the cars' horn blaring, and the rock music from the one ear bud in my ear. Then as I arrive home, I saw my father's car in the drive way and made my way up the porch to unlock the door.
Now inside my house, I smelled grilled chicken nuggets and rice. My dad walks out of the kitchen and then confronts me.
"Jacoby Daniels, where were you?", he asked in a very stern voice.
"I was at the school gym.", I said obnoxiously, "I thought you wanted to do something before you got home."
"One, watch your tone towards me and two, give me a little notice before you got home."
"O.K Dad, God"! Then I headed upstairs, towards the bathroom to wash up for supper. I splashed cold water on my face and wiped it dry with the towel behind me. Walking out the bathroom and sitting at the table, my dad placed a plate of chicken nuggets and rice in front of me.
"Pass the ketchup, Dad", I told him.
"Have you ever heard of the word 'please' before?", he asked.
"Please! Happy now?", I said obnoxiously. Then he tossed the bottle of ketchup from across the table and we continued to eat. Then as my dad cleared his throat, he spoke once more.
"So how was school, Jacoby?"
"It's like every other day", I said, "long and boring. How was work?"
"The shop is going good", he said smiling, "We got a bus load of purchases today."
"That's great, I guess." I said. Then as I finished my dinner, I washed the dishes and made my way to my room to do my homework. My home work was a worksheet from Algebra and an essay question for History class.
I finished my home work at 8:30 p.m and looked on the corner of my desk. There stood the picture of me, my dad,... and my mother, and then I remembered the date and said to myself.
"Today is May 18, 1997 and today makes it one, two,....five years since my mother had left us". See it was on this day that my mother lost her life in a car accident with another drunk driver. Wiping the tear off my cheek, I then went to the bathroom to take a shower, and become consumed by the steam. I walked out of the bathroom, with my hair dripping wet on my face and wearing my AC/DC pajamas, and managed my way into the living room, through the darkness of my house. Then as I sat on the couch, flipping through the channels, just to find something good. I then stopped on the show "Cops" and watched people being caught and laughed at those who attempted to escape. Dozing on and off, I finally fell asleep with the t.v on and made my way to the next day.
The next day came and I awoke to the 5 o'clock news. Rubbing my eyes, I staggered my way to the bathroom to take care of nature calling, and then taking a shower. Then as I finished, I wore my...

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