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The Start Of Wrestling Essay

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I believe wrestling is one of the hardest sports around the world. There are only a few who stick around throughout the season because they are willing to endure the pain. I had difficulties deciding which sport to play, and I chose the one that called out to me the most. I had difficulties throughout the season at first, and then I loved wrestling even more after it ended.
Ever since I was little and saw WWE RAW, a wrestling TV show, for the first time, I enjoyed watching wrestling on TV. I would always jump up throwing my arms in the air when my favorite wrestler was winning. I would invite some of my friends over on Saturdays to mimic the wrestling moves that the wrestlers were doing ...view middle of the document...

After what Coach Rice had said, I told myself “I am going to do wrestling” because I wanted to see if it was like the wrestling I saw when I was little. I told Coach Rice that I would wrestle even though I was new to high school wrestling and he was glad to hear it. When I got home I told my family that I was going to wrestle and they were ok with it at the beginning of the wrestling season.
The following day I took the fat test that told me how much weight I could drop every week. I stood by the other wrestlers in the chilly, enclosed locker room waiting nervously to know if I would wrestle in a weak weight class or a strong one. When I received my decent plan I had an enormous grin on my face because I could drop down from the 150 pound weight class to the 120 pound weight class. Afterwards I went up to the wrestling room to my first practice. I felt like I was in an oven cooking during the practice because when we were practicing the heater in the room was set on high. My shirt was so moist that I felt like I went swimming; it stuck on to me completely and slowly dripped with sweat. When practice was over I felt drained and fatigued like I hadn't worked out for years like the rest of the wrestlers. I told myself in my head “I can do this! I’ve done much harder things before” and started to shamble to my house in the frosty white, cold outside.
The next week when we went to wrestle in Tonasket, I started to feel the adrenaline rush as I had my opponent in a pinning combination and squeezed more tightly until I got the pin. I knew from that moment on that I would love wrestling because it was similar to what I saw on TV when I was little.
When we were half way through the season some of the wrestlers were dropping out because they were tired of going to practice. I started to feel more and more discouraged on continuing wrestling. That same night my parents told me “you need to quit wrestling because you’re starting to look unhealthy because you hardly eat and do too much exercise.”
I told them, “I do eat but just a little less than usual because I need to make a sacrifice so I can wrestle at the weight class I want.” I was really starting to want to quit wrestling so that I could break my diet and eat whatever I wanted with no restraints. Every day it felt like a challenge not breaking my diet and staying strongly determined through the rest of the season because my parents were constantly telling me to not go so you can eat well. Each day when I got home my mother had rich food made. The sight of seeing the deep fried enchiladas sizzling on the pan and the warm tamales cooking on the stove made my mouth start to water up just thinking how it would taste . The sweet, spicy warm smell of the aroma of the food as I entered smelt so good but I had to resist by eating a yogurt and just chew gum to make my hunger go away every night. It sounded very tempting and easy but I decide to stay mentally strong and not quit wrestling...

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