The State Of America Post September 11th Attacks

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Every generation comprises of several unforgettable moments. Such moments include watching Neil Armstrong walk on the moon and the tragedy of Pearl Harbor. The haunting moment of the current generation was the September 11th attacks on America. 9/11 was a dramatic event that changed the course of the world forever and kick started the War on Terror. It was such a turning point in history that its effects are still felt today by Americans and the rest of the world. The 9/11 attacks set off a ripple effect that resulted in tighter airport security, the contentious Patriot Act, and negative attitudes towards Arabs.
After 9/11 happened, airport regulations were never the same. In order to prevent such a tragic event from happening again, the Aviation and Transportation Security Act was authorized by President Bush. The sole purpose of the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) formation was to avert future terrorist assaults on our nation (Hall 315-327). The TSA had the responsibility of administrating the new security procedures and making sure that these procedures were fulfilled in all 429 commercial airports (Blalock, Kadiyali, and Simon 731-35). The hijackers on 9/11 had managed to overtake the pilots and passengers through the use of blades and knives. They smuggled these dangerous weapons through the airport security and brought them on the plane. The Aviation and Transportation Security Act enacted two main policies so airport security would never be taken advantage of again. The first was the federal government takeover of airport security. The TSA enacted many security measures such as requiring over 100 hours of training for all baggage and passenger screeners. This was a huge change from the 12 hours of training required before (Blalock, Kadiyali, and Simon 731-35). By putting the most experienced passenger and baggage screeners in charge of security-screening affairs, the TSA made sure that no passenger had a dangerous item such as a knife, blade or liquid explosives (Hall 315-327). The second main policy enacted by the Aviation and Transportation Security Act was a complete reboot of baggage-screening methods. Before 9/11, there was no standard procedure for inspecting checked luggage. The TSA initiated several new processes. The first was the formation of the rule that every bag that was checked must correspond to a traveler on that specific flight. The second was the addition of explosion detection system (EDS) machines, explosion trace detection (ETD) machines, bomb-detector dogs, or physically checking of bags. These measures were installed to check luggage for explosives. The desire for maximum-security screening paved the way for a direct order from Congress to the TSA to install EDS and ETD machines across the nation in every commercial airport. Every commercial airport had its security system completely revamped with a complete government federalization of screening procedures. The TSA took every commercial airport in...

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