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The State Of Being Enslaved Essay

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Video games are addictive I know from personal experience, video games alter your state of mind and sometimes your personal and emotional behavior. I guess video game addiction can be overlooked by the addict and the people surrounding the addict. The reason is because it’s such an insignificant addiction it’s not like a serious drug addictions. I can assume that’s why video games are made to be addictive and to keep the consumer hooked and keep them buying games. I can definitely imagine an uninformed parent buying a child a video game to keep him/her entertained not knowing the addictiveness of that simple device.
Thru my research I found that the word addiction is commonly associated with drug abuse, where the dependants “Compulsive and repetitive use may result in tolerance to the effect of the drug and withdrawal symptoms when use is reduced or stopped.”(Qtd by Barahim). In reality there are several types of addictions; because addiction is an outcome of obsession which is, “part of human nature” (Daum). We tend not to categorize certain addictions (gambling, food, exercising) because we all seem to have some sort of interaction or obsession with some of these activities. Some people come to realize the destructive nature of their behavior, before getting drawn into an abusive manner, as for many others they cannot see or comprehend the addictive situation which they placed themselves, either exercising to an unhealthy state or eating uncontrollably. Can it be said that our own culture works towards the acceptance of addiction as long as there’s no legitimate group saying the offence is wrong and/or addictive? This may be said about the use of technology, specifically in today’s society; technology is seen practically everywhere, and used as normally as shoes. Even though technology will lead us to a better tomorrow we cannot neglect the fact of the misuse and abuse of technology. For instance video games are the most influential forms of technology, and as we see in our society, the addiction does not only apply to a specific age group. It ranges throughout kids, young adults and adults. The addicts know nothing else; video games are an everyday use for them, for education, entertainment, and worst of all, socializing, which affect our health and the physiological view we perceive in life. Should we be concerned on what we do ourselves in the attempt to control the fastest growing addiction in the world? Kids learn from our doings, as we learned from our elders.
I also found out that not all gamers are unwillingly addicted some just obsess to certain extent for personal gain. Our nation is considered to be an “obsessive nation” (Daum) because we tend to obsess over many aspects of our culture. In cases such as video gamers’, they themselves may say, it is only a hobby not an obsession or an addiction. Unlike other know addictions, a person can become a professional gamer or “major league gamer” (M.L.G.) where a so called...

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