The State Of California And Politics

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California is a different kind of state. It is one of the largest states and is known for being one of the most diverse states along with being one of the most populous states in America as well. With all these factors coming into play with California, it is not unlikely that California’s politics is in for a wild journey.
In 2003, I was 12 years old, just old enough for my parents to let me watch Terminator. I knew who Arnold was at the time and I thought it was very cool to have a Hollywood actor as a governor. I even remember my parents and extended family calling him “the governator”. At being 12 years old, me being ignorant to politics, I had no idea what Arnold was doing in office. Ken DeBow makes an important and honest statement about the election of Arnold replacing Gray Davis, “the outcome was based on ‘irrational’ impulses such as confusion of the real-life Arnold with the invincible movie characters portrayed on the screen” (DeBow, Pg. 4). May be honest and somewhat true, looking back on it, a lot of voters probably did not know why they voted for Arnold to be the replacement. Probably, it was more of a popularity contest than anything else. California voters wanted to go another route than “politics as usual” and surprisingly, with not knowing Arnold at all, but just judging him based on what we saw on Television and how he carried himself, it became relatable.
Governing California is no easy task. California’s size, growth in population, and diversity are advantages and disadvantages at the same time. With Arnold new in the chair, Californian’s were looking for a new face, a new approach to things, and maybe sometimes, that is not the way to go. One problem is politics by initiative. It is interesting California allows citizens to write new laws, amend existing laws and make changes to the state’s constitution all without being involved in the government. This screams problems. It shows how much citizens do not trust in the state’s government. The more opportunity you give citizens to speak up the more people are just going to grumble, which leads to never agreeing on anything. I am not saying shut up citizens completely, but it is extremely rare for three people to agree on something, let alone an entire state. Dissatisfaction in Californians leads to propositions that undoubtedly make it uneasy for politicians to govern California.
With dissatisfaction in the people of California, there are going to be major concerns for the politicians of California. With unlimited amount of demands, there are only a few resources. One of those demands is water. With a water drought and shortage right now, this topic has been looming in politics for years. Water is important for California’s growth and resource. As DeBow mentions the importance of water, “California’s history of moving water from its natural location to where it is ‘needed’ is full of lies and deceit” (DeBow, Pg. 20). I remember my uncle telling me at...

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